Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Guest Author: Anna Keraleigh

Welcome guest author, Anna K, to my blog. Anna and I met at the Evernight Authors group, and had become good buddies. Now, I'm turning it over to Anna. :-)


Ever had sex in a car or flashed the unsuspecting hottie in the adjacent vehicle? In my new novella SEVEN DAYS IN JADE, the scene makes the pages heat up. Jade and her lover Ryan have a little planned trip to their lesbian friend Katie’s house for some naked fun but the trip there is equally as arousing. Below is a little excerpt from my erotic novella.


Jade sat in the car, watched Ryan’s fine ass cross to the driver’s side, and leaned back.

“If you don’t figure out where we’re going, I get another treat…a sloppy blowjob and your sweet pussy.” Ryan said.

“You might get it anyway, but I enjoy playing your games.” Jade winked. “Timeframe…”

“Um…ten seconds.”

He started up the car at her gasp. “What? You’re cheating! That’s not enough time to figure out where we’re going.”

“Oh, sorry, Jade, time’s up.”

She slapped his shoulder. “You’re lucky your cock is worth it,” she retorted and grabbed him through his jeans. She laughed as he jerked away, dove his foot for the brake, and missed slamming into the pine tree.

“Hands to yourself, sexy woman! A man can’t drive and think about fucking you at the same time.”

“At least you admit it.”

He smiled and drove them down her quiet street. “First…I want to see your tits.”

Her eyes shot to him. “Now?” They were driving out of town; cows mooed and witnessed her blush.

“Yes, now. Let me see your tits.”

You can purchase it here  for only $3.99!

Thanks to Angelina for letting me dirty up her blog! *wink* You can join me at my website here  Adults only!

Stay naughty,
Anna Keraleigh.

Anna has two erotic fantasy novels published with Evernight Publishing, a novella published with Whiskey Creek Press and two erotic anthologies.

Her novels are focused on a dangerous world of hot fairies searching for their mates. Why fairies you ask? She loves everything about Ireland including its unique folklore. She also fell in love with the erotica genre the moment she read her first naughty novel. She invites you into her fantasy world where muscle men with delicate wings fight for their kingdom (in loincloths).

When she's not writing she enjoys swimming, reading on the deck or trying to save her fish from her cat. (They have a love / hate relationship.)

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