Saturday, April 9, 2011

Haunted House

When I was about eleven or twelve, my family moved into a new house. The house was horrible. It was as though the previous owners took a sledge hammer to the walls before being forced out of the house. That’s not a surprise as the house was foreclosed and the previous owners were in jail with drug dealing charges.

As my dad is a carpenter, he started completely stripping the house, room by room, and repairing it. There were a lot of strange occurrences in that house. Kitchen supplies would disappear. Locked doors would unlock and open on their own. You have no idea how many times we would leave the house, make sure the doors were locked, yet come home with the front door wide open and our little doggy standing in the doorway, wagging his tail.

One morning, when I was about fourteen or fifteen, I woke to a phone call. My mother called me from work and told me about a strange feeling she had that morning. It was as though someone was watching her. I assumed she was slowly descending into crazyville and took her concerns with a grain of salt. Our house wasn’t haunted! Mom was crazy!

I dressed and walked downstairs, and as I sat in the living room to eat my breakfast, I heard the sound of someone walking. It was an eerie sound of slow, masculine footsteps coming from the foyer of the house. A chill ran down my back. It had to be mom’s paranoia that made me fear those footsteps. It was probably dad home early from work. I stood to go investigate, but when I ran to the foyer, no one was there. I ran to the window and looked out into the empty driveway. No one, but me, was home. Yet, I still heard the footsteps, now in the living room, walking toward the steps to the basement. Needless to say, I grabbed my purse and was out the door within seconds.

The next day, I brushed off my encounter with the unknown as a case of temporary insanity. I wasn’t ready to believe in what so many people don’t. My entire family had dinner plans and we left the house and went to my parents’ friends house. When we came home, we noticed something strange instantly. One of our cats was acting very, very strange. She wouldn’t look at us. Her face was always turned to one side, as though she didn’t want us to see her entire face. I put a few fingers under her chin and slowly moved her face to see her other side. I jumped back in horror. The entire side of her face was ripped open, and blood was seeping out. The skin was curled open, showing into the gash, all the way to the bone of her skull. And the oddest thing of all; there was a single sheet of blood-soaked paper towel right next to the cat. It was in my bedroom, on my desk. I always kept my room clean and I knew for a fact that there was no paper towel on my desk before I left the house.

It was possible that someone broke into the house and played a prank on my cat, but who and why? And why didn’t they steal anything? My mother was convinced it was the same thing that watched her the one morning and walked though the house completely unseen that one day. I didn’t argue with her about that.

Following that, a few more bizarre occurrences happened in the house, but eventually we all became used to it. So what about you guys, have you ever lived in a strange, possibly haunted house?


  1. You became used to it?

    Pardon me, but F THAT. I'd be gone.

    I've had a few creepy encounters over the course of my life... My brother's house was definitely haunted for a while...

    He's got 4 kids, and the first three had stories, each at about the age of 4 of a "friend who lives in the basement, floats, has no feet, and carries a hatchet". They'd said sometimes he would come and watch them play, and sometimes he'd come see them in their rooms at bed time.

    Now, kids like to make up stories, I know, but these were eerie details for them to recount. They never watched anything like that on TV or anything, and knew nothing of ghosts.

    A couple times, while sitting in the house with my brother we'd hear talking like someone sitting out on the porch having a discussion, but no one else was around. Another time there were footsteps in the attic.

    Shortly after my father died, my brother's wife who is a nurse was tending to a patient. The patient reached out to touch my sister in law's arm to get her attention, and gasped when she touched... "You have spirits in your house," she said. "And another spirit of someone recently passed has been following you, and wants to tell you something."

    The patient explained that to get rid of the spirits in the house, they'd have to get the house blessed, and remove the carpets in the basement. Shortly after doing that, the stories about the basement friend stopped.

    They did some looking into past owners, and apparently there was a fellow who lived there who'd killed his wife, though it was after they'd moved out and were living in Virginia or something like that...

  2. Freaky,

    I would have left after the cat incident.

  3. Yup, you could colour me gone too!

  4. Thanks for commenting guys! Being a teenage girl, I was stuck as my family didn’t want to move, so my options were either get used to it or go insane. I think now if the same thing were to happen to me, I would be gone in a heartbeat. It did mess with me in some ways. Like I can’t watch movies or shows about ghost. Although I know the shows and movies are fictional, they scare me to death. I guess in a way they become too real to me.

  5. Matt C, that’s some creepy stuff. Now that you mention it, I believe my mom had the house blessed. I know for a while after the cat incident the craziness subsided. It wasn’t until we tried to move a few years later that strange things started happening again. It’s so scary that the kids saw such a thing. I’m glad that I never actually saw it. I think I’d be locked up in a mental hospital if I had.

  6. I'm sufficiently creeped out. I hope the cat was o.k.! I haven't had too many run ins with the otherworld, but I think I'd be running if I did.

  7. Wow.. I have chills now... after the post, AND Matt's comment.

  8. I spent the first ten years of my life in a haunted house, lots of spooky stories. I've written about some of the incidents for FATE magazine in the past; now I just tell people that for us the paranormal was normal. Some things were pretty spooky though and I am glad I don't live with any hauntings now!

  9. brrrrr I would have been out there in a heartbeat!!!

    a scaridy cat A to Z-er

  10. I've been meaning to comment on this post for a while but it's been so busy at my house lately.

    I actually have a ghost story coming up on my blog later on.

    Ref: cat
    I really want to know how the kitty got hurt. You have me intrigued.