Friday, March 16, 2012

It's OUT!

VIRGINS BEHAVING BADLY  is now available to buy!!

Or here: AMAZON

They may be virgins, but they're ready to fulfill all their fantasies… 

Who says the first time can't include cuffs, ménage, or a spanking? 

Get ready to fan the flames of desire with this collection of nine erotic tales from Evernight Publishing. 

When the object of his every lust filled fantasy walks into his BDSM club, dressed as a sub, there is only one thing James Whitley can do - claim her as his own. She may be called Frigid Knickers in the office, but Summer is anything but and he is just the man to show her.. 

HER SEDUCTION by Alyssa Fox: 
Laura Cox has been in love with her brother’s best friend Bailey Johnson since high school, but has kept her feelings to herself. Now that she’s finished with college and has moved back home with her brother, she’s got a plan. She’s never had sex, and she plans on changing that by seducing him into teaching her about being a submissive. The thing she never counted on was that he's playing for keeps. 

BE MY FIRST by Angelina Rain (M/F, M/F/M/M/M/M/M) 
Emily Wills promised to give her virginity to her fiance on their wedding night, but when she walked in on him playing hide the sausage with another woman, that plan changed. When her identical twin sister is invited to a sex party she couldn't attend, Emily goes in her place. Now she has six men trying to be her first. Will it be one of those hunky strangers, or will lucky number seven take her for himself? 

EDUCATING SEAN by Carolyn Rosewood (M/F/M menage): 
Annalise Ridell has been best friends with Cord Richardson and Sean Riley since grade school. When the three vacation together in New Orleans to celebrate earning their graduate degrees, Lise's secret fantasy of making love to both her best friends becomes reality, but not before Sean reveals he's still a virgin. 

As Lise enjoys showing Sean the many ways to please her body, with Cord joining in the fun, she realizes the feelings she has for her two sexy best friends goes way deeper than mere affection, and has for a long time. When they both reveal they've harbored similar feelings for her, Lise wonders if it's just The Big Easy talking, or if they'll still feel that way once they return home. 

HAWK'S WOMAN by Lorraine Nelson: 
Tabitha Meadows, a member of Boston's elite, elopes with her boyfriend, only plans change when he absconds with her money. The conductor throws her off the train at the next stop. With no money and unwilling to face the scandal in returning home, she meets Brody Hawkins (Hawk) and takes a job as entertainer in his saloon. The handsome cowboy draws her fire and her passion as no one before. Does her virginity stand a chance of surviving his charms? 

Hawk isn't looking for a woman, especially one as innocent as Tabitha, but he finds himself drawn to her just the same. He should be a gentleman and buy her a ticket east on the morning train, but he wants her in his bed. Could he convince her to stay?

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  1. Congratulations Angelina, The cover is so awesome. Well done. I bet you are excited.
    All the best,
    Suzanne :)