Monday, September 24, 2012

End of Summer Blues

Four years ago today, I married an asshole. But enough about him. Lets talk about the weather instead.

I still remember that day like it was yesterday. The sun's warm rays had embraced me. Although it was late September, it felt like early August still. The warmth hovered between the 70's and 80's, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky for weeks.

It had stayed like that through all of September, and it wasn't until early October that it started to cool down. We had still managed to go camping a week after we got married and the weather had been perfect for it.

Now lets fast forward to today. This year, it has been slowly turning colder since August. Hard to believe that after having such a hot summer, we are getting such an early and cold fall. I don't remember ever having to wear a sweatshirt or jacket this early in the season before, but this year, I had to dig out from the deep end of my closet. This year, the heat has been turned on already to ease away the chill in the air.

The other day I was driving home from work and was shocked to see all the leaves fluttering in the wind. They hadn't even had the time to change colors, and already they had detached from their branches and fallen toward an early death.

It feels like late October or early November, and it makes me miss those last days of summer. It feels like this year, we didn't get them.

Yes, the days that are simply comfortable, where there's perfection in the air, normally last all the way from mid August to mid October, but this year we only got a week or two of great weather like that. Actually, this really fast arrival of the colder weather makes me a bit worried as to what the winter will bring.


There has been one good thing about this fall though. I've been suffering from severe seasonal allergies for about fifteen years now. Every fall I would get sinus infections, head congestions, and severe sneezing. I would have to take days, ever weeks off of school/work. But this year, my allergies have been the lightest I've ever had.

How is the weather where you're at?


  1. In the Texas, the weather is wonky. I just try to go with the flow lol!! But it's been cooler of late...not lingering near the triple digits, which is nice.

    Glad your allergies are doing much better this year.

  2. Well, it's 98 degree right now. I'm hoping it'll get back to the 80s soon. That's good working weather.

  3. Hi Angelina,
    It's September, almost the end and Spring has been pretty crappy. I am looking forward to summer on the 1st of Dec. Although last summer wasn't really a summer. We didn't have many hot days at all. So I'm hoping this year it will be in the mid thirties, that's Celsius. I love the heat and I glad that winter is over. It was so so cold, I hated it. lol


  4. Wow Maria, that's lovely weather. Send it down my way please. :)