Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sexy Snippets #4

It's Sunday! Which means it's Sexy Snippet time. This little snip is once again from FLAMES OF DESIRE. I really should pick snips from my other books. :-)

Oh, how he ranted and raved about his horrible 'ex'-wife when there was nothing 'ex' about her.

She'd been sleeping with him for months. All those times of sneaking around work so none of the other employees would suspect she was sleeping with the boss, and in the end, the joke was on her. The truth didn't dawn on her until his wife showed up to surprise her husband at work. Ginelle had flushed with embarrassment and heartbreak when she paged Mr. Tyron and informed him he had a visitor. She had one small consolation prize when she watched Mrs. Tyron walk into his office. Through the open doorway, she noticed as a look of fear etched into his face, but he had quickly masked it away and closed the door.

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  1. Great snippet angelina! I loved this book :D

  2. Yeah, great snippet. You know how much I loved this one :-D

  3. lol It made me smile. Not sure if I've read this one. I'll put it on my tbr list if I haven't.

    Oh, and thank you for commenting on the language use on my blog. It's great to get feedback from non Aussies. :)