Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sexy Snippets

It's sexy snippets time again and this week I'm sharing another sampling of "His Guardian Witch". This short snip is from one of my favorite scenes in the book. Enjoy!

Instantly, there was nothing left. Just her, alone, dying, or maybe living. She didn't know. Didn't know if the spell worked. Didn't know if this were life or hell.

When her eyes opened, she was in her own bed, staring at the ceiling. Only the memories of a phantom man remained, a man with no name, yet her body craved his touch.

Blurb of His Guardian Witch

Is love stronger than magic?

Morgan has never encountered a spell she couldn’t cast or a curse she couldn’t break. With her natural knack for witchcraft, she runs a magic store that helps others. When a handsome but cursed man walks into her store, she is pit against magic stronger than her own.

Daniel lived an ordinary life before he ended up on a witch’s bad side and was jinxed with non-stop bad luck. Out of sheer desperation he visits Morgan’s Magic Shop. Morgan agrees to help him and they must work together to find the witch and pinpoint the hex she used in order to undo it. As they search, feelings ignite and a romance blossoms. Will this bad luck spell end their love, or will their love be strong enough to break the incantation?

Be Warned: sex toys


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  1. That snippet makes me want to read your story again! :-D

  2. Intriguing snippet, Angelina. Now I want to know who the phantom is.

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