Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sexy Snippets

The last few weeks I've been tinkering away with a little WIP I've been having trouble with. Finally, this week I had a breakthrough with it and it feels like it has a chance of being written to completion. This is a small snip from my favorite scene so far. Here, a severe storm has the heroine trapped with two hunky men and one of them asks her a very personal question. Enjoy!

Before she could say or do anything, he reached across the table and took her hand. His thumb caressed her skin softly. "Have you ever had two men make love to you at once?"

She shook her head as lightning flashed outside the windows and the lights flickered inside the house. Thunder roared violently, but the sound seemed further away this time.

"You will," Jake said, and the lights went out.


  1. Oohh, now that is a tease! Great Snippet, Angelina. Sounds as though it's going to be a hot story :-)

  2. Ooh I just have to read more. A teasing snippet. Love it

  3. Oooh again! I do want to read more too! :)

  4. Why oh why is this only 7 sentences?? lol Great snippet. xx