Tuesday, September 21, 2010

M.I.A. and Back Again

As some of you may have noticed, I have been gone for awhile. About a month ago I noticed that my computer was acting funny. First, I could never go to the website I wanted to go to, because something else would open up instead. Then, all programs I would use freeze for no reason. It was hard for me to edit since Microsoft Word would freeze one minute after being opened. Obviously, it was a virus. Normally, I do that stuff myself, but a co-worker of mine had been bragging at how good he is at fixing computers and getting rid of viruses. He convinced me to bring in my computer and that he will fix it. Okay, so I did that. A week later when I got my computer back, imagine my surprise when I find that all my music, e-books, documents, and everything I’ve written was gone. The only thing that remained was my pictures. Okay, that was a setback but luckily I had saved everything to a disc. I inserted the disc. . . It was empty! That was when it hit me that the book I worked so hard to write and finish (Intimate Healing) was GONE. Not only that, but my computer worked slower and worse than it did before he fixed it. The next day at work, I asked him about why half of my documents were gone. Apparently, because the folder that contained that stuff was password protected, it didn’t save during the backing up process. So my book was gone for good! I had given up when my mom mentioned that she has a friend who is a computer specialist, and he actually repairs computers for a living (unlike my co-worker who does it for a hobby). My mom’s friend managed to get that file and a bunch of others back to me. The only thing I don’t have is my music and my e-books but I’m not too worried since the music is on my ipod and the e-books are all on my e-reader. I learned that the reason my computer was acting so strange wasn’t entirely the fault of a virus. The computer was taking its last breath. Now I finally got a new computer. I have my book. All is good with the world again.

In the meantime, living without a computer for like a month turned out to be beneficial. There are parts of my house that have never been cleaner. I did a lot of reading. My dog had more walks then he was used to. It was a nice little break, although it was stressful.

As for the books I read:

Captive Spirit by Liz Fichera – Wonderful book. I definitely recommend it.

Charade by Sandra Brown – BORING! I put it down after 100 pages.

Hunting Fear by Kay Hooper – Loved it.

And I’m currently reading Chill of Fear by Kay Hooper.


  1. Hi Lia! Welcome back!

  2. wow that was some scary stuff to go through

  3. OMG! I think I would have cried if I thought my work had disappeared.

    The same thing happened to me a few years ago. Fortunately, my friend was a computer programmer. He tried all sorts of things to save my computer but the virus was too deeply entrenched. We had to start with a clean slate and reload the computer.

    He made me save all the files I needed and then wiped it clean.

    At least I didn't have to buy another pc.

  4. OMG, I'm so sorry to hear about this! I would die if something like that happened to me.

    Welcome back!