Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Feeding My Addiction

For most people, December marks the start of the holiday season. For me, it also marks the month I get to feed my addiction: Books! You see, I go crazy with books. One time, two years ago, I went shopping and came home with 50+ books. I have so many books that I still haven’t read any of those. I have two fully packed bookcases, one in my house, and one in my mother’s house. I also have like 400 books on my e-reader. According to my husband, if I stop buying books, then maybe I’ll read all of the ones I have by my 50th B-Day (I’m 25 now). So today, I whipped out my credit card and went book shopping. I hit,, and many others and I’m not done yet.

One book I’m very excited about reading is Talli Roland’s “The Hating Game”. It only came out today and I’ve already heard great things about it.

So what books have you bought lately?


  1. ha ha u are such a book junkie, I always give myself a price limit. I like to read christmas stories in December so I preordered Barbra Wallace's book coming out in december , I also just finished Liz Fielding's mistletoe and the lost stilleto.
    btw you are in for a treat with the waiting game.

  2. Lia, I'm the same way with books. With an e-reader, I spend less per book but I'm buying more! Guess it all evens out. :-) BTW, you may be able to download e-books from your public library too.

  3. I'm looking for to The Hunger Games from Suzanne Collins. I just have to find the time to have a little me-time. :)

  4. Woooo! Thank you so much for the mention and I'm sorry it's taken me until now to get over here to say it! :) Hope you had a fantastic weekend.