Thursday, December 30, 2010

Publishing News

My second book is getting published. Yes, I know, my first book hasn’t even gotten published yet, but I just signed my second contract.

With just weeks left to 2010 I found out that one publisher, Evernight Publishing, was looking for short (and I mean short) ménage erotic stories for a new anthology book they will be putting out in a few months. So I wrote a short paranormal erotica and send it out with literally days left until the deadline. Imagine my surprise when the very next day I got a contract offer. I guess they want to put that book together fast because I just signed the contract and already I have my own author’s page on the publisher’s website. Check it out: Evernight Publishing Authors: Angelina Rain

“The Problem with Love Spells” is a 5,500 word paranormal erotic ménage about a modern witch who has been cursed to be unloved. The only person who could break the curse is her soulmate, but what are the chances she would ever find him? Can you blame her for casting a love spell that went terribly, terribly wrong?


  1. After your last post, this is wonderful news. And the premise sounds like fun.

    Congrats! Sounds like you are making your mark in 2011.

  2. That is so wonderful for you! Congrats, and it sounds like an interesting piece. I'll check out your author page.

  3. You're on fire, girl!! Congratulations! You have much to celebrate! :-)

  4. Hi Angelina,
    Congratulations on both your novels! Now, that's what I call a great end of the year. I wish you luck marketing your novels. Read the message I left for you in my blog. ;)
    I added you to my blogroll. ;)
    Happy New Year!

  5. Congratulations!! That's fabulous -- and a great way to start your New Year.

  6. Congratulations! That sounds fun to be part of a collection of short stories.