Monday, January 24, 2011

Where Are Your Manners?

Now a days, a lot of parents neglect to teach their kids manners. When I worked in the restaurant industry, I encountered many children who were unruly, did what why chose, and had no idea what “please” and “thank you” means. My husband has a child from a previous marriage, and when I met the girl, she had no manners either. It took two long years, but I finally trained her how to say those magic words.

So where am I going with this manners post?

Last night, my husband watched the football game with a few friends. Those friends come over every Sunday for the game. Well, this time, one of his friends brought over his new girlfriend. They walked into our house and the friend introduced everyone in the room. The girlfriend (forgot her name) simply ignored everyone, made her way to the couch, and started texting away on her phone.

I don’t watch football, so I went about my way of straightening up the house. Eventually, she started talking to all the guys in the room, and even my persistent step-daughter who wouldn’t leave our guest alone. Me, however? I might as well have been invisible.

When the game ended and they were getting ready to leave, I was putting laundry away in the bedroom. My husband’s friend usually shouts across the house to say “Good-bye” to me, but this time, I didn’t hear anything out of either of them. I normally let the guest out and thank them for coming, but there was no way I was going to do that this time.

My husband judges people very quickly, but this time, he didn’t say anything about your unmannered guest. (It was his first time meeting her, too.) He could clearly sense that she will never be invited to our house as long as I live there.

This woman left a bad impression on me. For a second I thought that maybe she was just shy, than my husband’s friend said that this woman dances naked around a pole for money. Sorry, you can’t be shy and do that. At least I don’t think so. I can’t understand how my husband’s classy and proper friend could take interest in such an impolite woman. I don’t see their relationship lasting, just because this friend frowns on impolite people like his girlfriend.

So anyways, we always notice when kids have bad manners, but what about adults? This adult had worse manners then most of the kids I’ve ever met. Have any of you encountered truly impolite adults?


  1. Yikes. That's just plain rude, as far as I'm concerned. Sadly, there are quite a few ill-mannered adults out there.

  2. I'd had quite a few people compliment me on my 5 years olds manners. He's even decided to tell people "Cough you" if they cough because, "Mommy, we say 'Bless you' if they sneeze. Why don't we say anything if they cough?"

    I met a really rude check-out lady once. She sighed heavily and rolled her eyes when I sat my milk (the only item I had) on the conveyor belt. Never met the lady before and it IRKED me. She didn't say hi, or welcome me, so after I payed and was grabbing my milk I gave her my sweetest fake smile and said, "Have a HELL of a day". Mwahahaha

    (Sorry for the long reply >.< )

  3. That's impressive you were able to teach manners to your stepdaughter! It seems that being a stepmom isn't easy. Too bad this woman didn't speak to you. Maybe she was having a bad night.

  4. I'd say too bad this woman didn't speak to you, maybe you could've taught her a thing ...or two?

  5. Rude kids are a major pet peeve of mine. Rude adults - grr.

  6. Ignorance transcends all ages and generations.

    My guess is, you intimidated this woman. It was easier to ignore you than to try and make conversation.

    I'm so glad you won't invite her back. That is beyond rude. I'd be having words with the guy who brought her too. --but that's just me. ;-)

  7. How rude. And I suspect your friend is in the thralls of a lusty haze -- I assume if the woman strips for a living, she's a looker. Once those blinders fall off, it'll be all good.

    I think adults tend to be more rude than kids because there's no one there to tell them to behave. Too bad.

    Have a great day!

  8. Great Blog. I did a Blog a few weeks ago about the same subject....please and thank you. It is very sad people don't use these words as much as they should. Thanks for sharing this with us....x

  9. Some people are just rude. The only thing you can control in life is YOUR reaction to those people.

    So when I encounter asshat folks, I just shrug and go on about my day. I give that person power over me by getting upset about it. Because, while I'm spending all that energy and time stewing and getting angry, that person is still being rude. My anger isn't going to stop their behavior, so it's best to just move on, know what I mean?

  10. Bad manners is a pet peeve of mine. You should see me when I'm out shopping. I hold doors open for people and when I don't get so much as an acknowledgement, I say (loudly) "You're welcome. Don't mention it."

    They look at me as if I'm mad... ;)

  11. I think it all comes down to how we were raised. My parents didn't raise us to have particularly good manners- we said please and thank you and yes, we at least introduced ourselves if invited to someone's home. But when I moved to france, I had a whole new 'education' in manners. French have a huge list of politess protocols. Like not just saying 'hello' but kissing the cheeks of your host or hostess upon arrival. And not forgetting to say' goodbye' and 'thank you'. It's good manners to wait for the hostess to begin eating before you begin, hold silverware correctly, complement the meal and offer/try to help clear the table. Fin bref, yes, when I come back to the U.S. I definitely notice bad mannered children AND adults after all that.

  12. Hi Angelina,
    Sorry to hear you had to deal with someone so rude in your own home. When I see unruly kids, I blame the parents for not being stern with their child. However, when I see or deal with rude people I just ignore them. I am not going to lower myself to their level. So you did the right thing by ignoring this woman. Perhaps she left her manners at home ;) Nobody has died from being courteous.

  13. I thought I had commented. Many appologies Angellina.

    As for bad manners... It's a no go zone here. Our journey on this earth is not really that long, shouldn't we make the most of it. I think if a child is bad mannered, it's up to the Mum or Dad. In most cases they are to blame, but I'm not saying all cases.

    I've been taught to be thankful, to be thankful even for that glass of water. It could be our last. :)