Friday, February 18, 2011

Blog Tour: Indecency

Hello, hello guys! How are you all this Friday? I’m sure you guys noticed that I wasn’t around yesterday. Well, yesterday’s blog tour stop, because of some last minute kinks, got pushed up to today. So today, I’m bringing you two blog tour stops. I hope you make both of them.

Firstly, I’m over at Evernight author’s Emma Shortt blog, talking about my own indecent encounters and embarrassing moments that are sure to make you laugh. So head over to Emma’s blog and say hello to me.

Next, I’m at author AD Blackburn’s blog, talking about how the family reacted when they learned of what I write.

So join me guys on my final two stops for this blog tour and I hope you enjoyed this blog tour as much as I enjoyed sharing all this information.

Also, the winner from Nas Dean's blog tour stop is Theresa, who has been emailed already about her win.

A Valentine’s Fairy who doesn’t believe in love, a human who can’t let go... can one wish change them both? It’s her first year as a Valentine’s Fairy and Amelia has been given an impossible task. Gavin Peters wants his ex-girlfriend back but Fae magic can’t make people fall in love. If Amelia is to complete her task she’ll have to get creative, and that creativity will have to include ignoring her own rapidly developing feelings for the human she’s been tasked with. Gavin has pined for his ex for months so when the mysterious Amelia offers him a wish he knows exactly what to request. But when his ex returns Gavin begins to wonder if what he’s wished for is really what he wants. Can his Valentine’s Fairy grant him another wish and if so will he be able to ask for what he really wants?
Buy it here.

In the epic battle between Heaven and Hell, there are angels and demons…and then there’s James. Tall, dark and deadly, James Gunn is the President of the Diabolus Venator motorcycle club, a group of one time outlaws turned gun-toting, sword-wielding, ass-kicking demon hunters. His no-holds-barred style of dispatching hell's darkest minions has earned him quite the reputation, but when he fights a low-level demon that warns him that his soul is in danger, he laughs it off…until he discovers that they mean to steal his heart to obtain it. When James realizes that a high-ranking demon has marked him for a prime spot in hell, he pulls out all the stops to protect the one thing he loves more than his own soul— his girlfriend, Maddy. What James doesn’t count on is that this particular demon knows a little bit more about the art of possession than the average minion and he’s forced to make the ultimate choice between the love of his life or his own soul. Buy it here.


  1. Happy Friday, Angelina! I'm off to visit your guest blogs.

  2. BTW, both are GREAT posts! Thanks for the chuckle about the *ahem* kitchen counter episode. ;-)

  3. Hi Angelina,

    Thanks for choosing the winner at!

    I'm off to visit your guest blogs now.

  4. You are busy! Hope you get some rest this weekend.

  5. You are one busy lady! Looks like your tour is doing really well. :) Have a great weekend!

  6. I'm so excited for the win. Thank you very much!