Friday, April 8, 2011


I love animals. I hate to hear stories of abuse and neglect, and every time I see an animal in need, my heart breaks. I think they are so helpless and defenseless, they really do need someone to fight for them. That is why I constantly donate money to The Humane Society of the United States and PETA.

The HSUS, is very generous when it comes to sending me free gifts. I always get car magnets, t-shirts, blankets, gloves, even a tote bag with their logo. They don’t just give away the free gift. They know that when you wear the gift, someone will notice and say “Hey, why don’t I donate today”, so sending out that free gift actually furthers their cause.

Besides free gifts, they also sent me success stories about animals whose lives were improved by the interference of animal welfare organizations. One of the most memorable stories they sent to me was about a dog named Romeo.

A few years ago, a Kentucky man beat and tortured his 8-month-old Labrador retriever puppy, causing severe injury to the animal. While this abuse was taking place, concerned neighbors filmed the incident and took the tape to the police. However, because animal abuse wasn’t a crime in Kentucky, the man was never arrested. Disappointed by the legal system, the neighbors sent the tape to the Humane Society, who interfered. In 2008, a law was passed in Kentucky, stating that abuse and torture, of a dog or cat, resulting in injury, is a felony punishable by prison time and a fine.

When I read that story, I had tears in my eyes. Not just for Romeo and the pain he suffered, but also for the legal system turning in favor of a four legged life. It made me proud to donate money to such a worthy cause. Romeo’s story changed the lives of so many animals, it’s no surprise the Governor of Kentucky let the dog put his paw signature on the bill.

So today, as I leave you with the link to HSUS’s site and Romeo’s story, I want to ask, what causes do you fight for?

The HSUS Romeo's Law Rress Release
Pictures of Romeo


  1. It's sickening that there were no laws against animal cruelty in Kentucky until 2008, but I'm glad things finally changed.
    I love all animal causes.

  2. I have had two dogs of my own, both rescues. I think giving a needy animal a loving home is one of the best things you can do - and if you can afford to give a few more pennies to your favourite charity, even better.

  3. You know how I am about my dogs. We regularly donate to local rescue groups, and sometimes to big ones like World Vets who give international aid to animals.

    Although we generally only contribute to animal funds, the devastation in Japan was so horrific, we were also moved to contribute to those affected through the Red Cross.

    Thank you for posting Romeo's story. The first step to stopping abuse is education.

  4. I love that the govenor let his dog sign the bill. Stories like this break my heart. I worked on a horse ranch for a few summers in high school and college and we took in a rescue horse one year. I'll never forget how distrustful and jumpy that horse was. I give to the Humane Society some years, St. Jude's on others, and The Lymphoma Foundation when I can.

  5. Giving to worthy charities is the best gift I can give -- to them and to myself. :-) Thanks for the reminder