Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of the year that I dread the most. That time when I put everything, including life, hobbies (like writing and reading) on hold in order to make my house spotless.  I try to keep my house as clean as I could, but unfortunately, my husband and stepdaughter have a tendency to put trash into drawers, closets, cabinets and out of view instead of the trash can.
The other day, I was getting ready for a job interview that’s kind of far away when I pulled out my “wire” box and searched for the cord that charges my GPS. Couldn’t find it.
I always keep all my cords, chargers, and wires in the same place. However, inside the box I found a necklace belonging to my stepdaughter (one suspect as to who played with the box). I also found my husband’s MP3 player charger was gone (suspect number two). I asked my husband if he took my GPS charger, which looks almost exactly like his MP3 charger, and he admitted to grabbing a charger that didn’t fit his player. He also told me the charger is “somewhere”. Yeah, like that’s helpful. 
So I started my search in the kitchen and the three junk drawers. I found the charger, but I also found a lot of useless stuff like expired coupons, screws, nuts, bolts, a few toys, and other things that don’t belong there. I don’t use those junk drawers so I don’t notice what’s inside them. A few months ago, they were empty except for a few tea candles in one of them.
Well, you can only imagine the rage I felt when I noticed that I could barely close those drawers. I looked through the rest of the house and realized my husband and I have pack-ratted a little over the winter. We have things my hubby refused to let me throw out although they’re broken and cheap to buy. My hubby is a bit of a pack rat and I know it’ll be take a lot of convincing to throw some of the things out. It took me two years to convince him to throw out a broken recliner that no longer has the bottom half.
So yesterday, after I came home from the job interview I started de-cluttering the house. Today, I plan to de-clutter the house even more. Funny how junk collects and sneaks up on you without you noticing!
I plan to de-clutter my house and clean it spotless over the rest of this week. Wish me luck!  
I wish Mother Nature would be nice to me and make it warm and sunny so I could clean my windows and carpets. I try to clean those at least once a year around March or April, except this year has been too rainy. My yard is actually flooding and I’m very glad I don’t have a basement as that would most likely be flooding after all this rain.
So how do you spring clean? Do you wait for a certain month or anything?


  1. I'm definitely a "less is more" person. Too much clutter makes me crazy. I clean little bits, here and there. I can't stand to do it for long periods.

    Good luck with the Spring Cleaning!

  2. Much like you, once I get to the point of exasperation, I go into a mad frenzy to throw stuff out. It makes me very happy when I get the husband to feel the same way. It rarely happens, but I take advantage of it when it does.

  3. I go on psychotic sprees about once a month. People generally hunker down because I've been known to snarl. It's one of the few days my five year old will actually sit quietly in his room and play with his toys.

    I HAD a bunch of junk at my old house, but when I had to unexpectedly vacate and move half across the country (and space was limited on what to take),I ended up with a home that seemed almost barren to me. I decided I liked it better this way, hence the monthly sprees (which are NOT related to other monthly things ;) ).

    Here's to hoping the weather brightens for you! :)

  4. I do little bits at a time. My dream is to make enough at writing to hire a cleaning service. :) Good luck with your spree.

  5. Oh, if only we could hire the cleaning service! But doing it all the time helps...just keep cleaning up, clearing the clutter.

  6. Oh girls, I wish I could hire a cleaning service. Who knows, maybe someday!

  7. Hi Angelina,
    I see you revamped your blog ;) Very nice! I guess your spring cleaning started with your blog ;)

  8. Claudia, yes, the spring cleaning started with the blog and website.

  9. I tend to wait until I can stand it no longer, then I go on a spree!

    My Blog is Down So I'm Temporarily Here

  10. I'm like Talli, when it becomes overbearing. But sometimes I just do it as I see it or esp when I'm having company over! :)


  11. I feel like we're going to have to resort to "Summer" cleaning instead of Spring Cleaning. This weather is off the charts! And not in a good way. I really should start cleaning my house deeply more to avoid situations like this. Don't ya think?