Monday, June 6, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

Hello guys, I haven’t had much time to blog lately so I have a bit of random craziness to share. First of all, I want to thank all of you for sharing your car crash stories with me. Some of them really pulled at my heart strings. On one of these days when I’m a little more free, don’t be surprised if I facebook message you asking more info about those accidents.  
Well, my car was fixed and I had a hot little rental while the car was in the shop. I have to say though, as much as I enjoyed the rental, I missed my car. I really had missed my car.
I wonder what I will do when my car lives out its last days and dies of old age. It is my first car and we’ve gone through a lot together. I guess I should start taking better care of it.
On the job front, I’ve celebrated my one month anniversary as a working woman again. I’m learning a lot at his job and I’m really starting to enjoy it, although I wish I would make a bit more money at it.
I haven’t had much time to write lately. I’ve went from writing a good 2 or 3 thousand words a day to only getting one thousand a week. It’s sad really. Hopefully this week I’ll get some work done. I’ve had new story ideas come at me left and right, but oh, when will time permit me to write!
I’m a really horrible gardener and most of the flowers I’ve had have died a dry and tragic death, but last year I planted some peonies behind my house. They actually lived! However, this spring I decided I don’t like where they are planted so I replanted them at the front of my house, right by my mailbox. I for sure though I will kill those flowers. They were the first ever flowers that I planted without my mother’s or husband’s help. Look at the picture above. They lived! I didn’t kill my flowers!
So now you all see what’s new with me. So what’s new with you?


  1. Your flowers are beautiful! And I love peonies. We had so many at our house in Chicago. They smelled so pretty! Whenever they flowered, it was a definite signal that Winter was over. Miss that.

  2. Those are some gorgeous flowers. I'm glad you've gotten your car back so quickly, and that you are still employed. Sorry about the lack of word count. Hope it gets better soon.

  3. Huzzah on the work front. And you thought you wouldn't be able to make it.

    I wouldn't worry so much about the writing. It takes a while to get back into a rhythm after you've had a drastic change in your schedule.

    Work can be so inconvenient. :)

  4. Sounds like you're doing well :-)

    RE: Peonies -- they love sun and dry soil and are hard to kill. Just make sure you don't leave the dead branches over the tubers in the winter or you'll give them a fungus that you'll never get rid of (I had to pull mine up, finally, and throw them away -- it broke my heart).

    Happy summer!

  5. Liz ~ Thanks. I love peonies too. They are my favorite flowers and their smell is simply heavenly.

    D.F. ~ Thanks. Yeah, I'm very happy to have my car back.

    Maria ~ Thanks. Yeah, life itself can be inconvenient. I wish I could stop time so I could write.

    Marianne ~ Thanks for the gardening tip. Sorry you had to pull yours out.

  6. Beautiful flowers!

    I'm glad your car got fixed.

  7. They are lovely flowers. It's winter here and the garden is looking a bit on the dried up stage. But I'm not a flower grower, I haven't the time. lol.
    It's a hassle without your own car. I hate driving other cars they just don't seem to fit right. :)

  8. Beautiful peonies! I have two bushes myself. One is in my rose garden and is covered in buds, but the other is along a fence where it doesn't get enough sun. I'm thinking of moving it to the front yard where I hope it'll do better.

    It's great that you're enjoying your new job. Hope the writing goes better once you're better settled in!

  9. I planted flowers last Spring and they ALL died. I didn't bother this year. Although I really want to grow herbs and veggies. My granddad was great at it, but I think I have my mom's black thumb. That woman can kill a plastic plant!

    How are you feeling? You talked about your car, but what about you? I know it's so jarring getting hit from behind. I had that happen a few decades ago and I was on pain killers with frequent trips to a chiro, physical therapist and masseuse!

  10. Talli ~ Thank you.

    Suzanne ~ Thank you. Stay warm durring your winter months.

    Carol ~ Thanks. I would suggest moving the peonies. I'm glad I moved mine.

    Jennie ~ I'm sorry to hear about your car accident. There wasn't a scratch on me. I was very lucky. I feel perfectly fine. Only now, I'm constantly looking in my rearview mirror to see if cars are following me too closely.