Monday, July 18, 2011

Guest Blogger: Author Krista D Ball

Hello guys! A few months ago, I read the short story "Flying Kite, Crashing Ship" and absolutely loved it. I enjoyed the characters and the situations. It was all written with a hint of comedy. I would say pick it up and read it yourself!

Well, today I have a treat for you all because the author of "Flying Kite, Crashing Ship" has stopped at my blog to talk about one of my favorite topics, animals. I hope you enjoy her storytelling as much as I did.

Say "Hello" to Krista:


NO MORE ANIMALS by Krista D. Ball
Once upon a time, Krista lived in an apartment with two cats, Sputnik and Worf. Krista and her kitties were happy in their one bedroom place, with lots of windows and cozy chairs to curl up and enjoy the sunny afternoons.
But all was not well. Krista’s friend, The Engineer, also had a kitty, Sam, and a very weird thing called a dog, named Star. The Engineer and Krista were at PetSmart, where they saw an abandoned kitty up for adoption. The Engineer brought the kitty home and named her Lin.
Sputnik and Worf accepted this, as they only visited The Engineer on weekends. They didn’t seem to care too much. Sam and Star decided that four cats was a good, solid number for weekends.
But, then the most dreadful thing happened! The Engineer got a call. A friend could not keep his two cats, Salem and Gypsy. Krista and The Engineer took one each. Things were snug in Krista’s apartment, but there were plenty of places to sleep still. And, they only visited the other kitty tribe on weekends.
Everyone was settling into their kitties lives again. Humans, kitties, and dog all declared, “No more animals!” But, that changed when the phone rang. The lady from far away said they found our cat. There was a head count. Nope, no cats were missing.
“But, but, but!” she cried, “we have a cat with a microchip where that is named Tigger and is listed as yours.”
The Engineer was shocked! Tigger had been gone seven years! The Engineer jumped into his car and rushed to the far away town. Tigger immediately recognized The Engineer! Tigger had a very bad hip now, was really skinny, and had lost both his ear tips to frostbite. The Engineer brought Tigger home to fatten him up.
And then, Krista and The Engineer decided to merge their kitty household! It was dreadful! There were seven cats now and a dog! All of the kitties absolutely hated this new arrangement and went on strike. Krista bought them a giant cat home, with lots of perches and houses. This allowed the kitties and dog and humans to all live in harmony again.
But everyone agreed: no more animals!
Then, a horrible, dreadful thing happened. The Engineer’s neighbour, who he’d known forever and ever, died. And, he had a kitty named Twinkie. No one wanted Twinkie and there was no way that Krista and The Engineer could allow their nice neighbour’s kitty to be put at the Humane Society for something that wasn’t her fault.
And so, Twinkie moved in.
And everyone agreed: no more animals!


Flying Kite, Crashing Ship
Crashing Time Ship.
The Space Commission hot on her trail.
French spies and flying kites.

For Dr. Sally Pescan, this can’t be good.

Buy the book HERE!


  1. Thanks for letting me visit!

    And, yes, the above is a true story about how we got our cats :)

  2. I enjoyed the story. They do seem to multiply, don't they?

  3. Every time I say 'never' I know I have doomed myself to that thing or event.

    The last time was when we saw a couple of people climbing Devil's Tower in Wyoming. I said: Never. (I also called them idiots.)

    And then what happens?
    We took up rock climbing.

    You have a good heart, Krista. No space. But a good heart. :)

    PS So glad to hear Tigger came home. Poor kitty.

  4. I love that everyone kept agreeing No More Animals! Yet another came along. What does the dog think of all those cats? That's unfair to be outnumbered so! And I LOVE the Tigger story. That would be great for our Paws and Learn blog. The importance of microchipping your pet. How amazing seven years later! Thanks for sharing, Angelina!

  5. The corgi just accepts that she is the only dog and therefore is nothing in the eyes of the cats. It upsets her greatly that they aren't even afraid of her. Today, she sat on one's tail and he didn't even flinch.

    No respect :(

  6. LOL! What a sweet and cute story, Krista!
    I LOVE animals, too! Angelina, thanks for inviting Krista over.

  7. Thank you all for commenting. And Krista, thanks for sharing such a great story. As a big animal lover, I'm very happy to see all this animal love in this post and the comments.

  8. I am so glad to be shared the story Author Krista D Ball.

    karen millen