Sunday, August 28, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Hello everyone. For the next several weeks I will be sharing 6 sentences from my newly released contemporary romance with suspense elements INTIMATE HEALING. I also wanted to say that 25% of my royalties from the sale of this book will go to The Humane Society where it will help animals in need. If anyone is interested in buying the book, there's a link in the side bar. Enjoy!

And now, on to the six.

Uncrossing her arms, she touched her fingertips to his chin and lifted it to her eye level. "Up here, not down there."

He released a low growl, a hungry sexual noise that caused sensual flutters to dance in her belly. Just the implication made her body heat up a couple degrees.

"But those look more interesting." His gaze lowered to her chest for a second before drifting back to her eyes.


  1. Oh! very interesting six!! and yay! for helping the Humane society! very worth cause! *nods*

  2. I like 6 sentence Sunday! What a great way to lure us in! And wonderful that you are donating a portion of your proceeds to the Humane Society. You have such a big heart, Angelina!

  3. Now talk about a naughty character. Great 6!

  4. Growly men aside, just popped in to say hi as we're both in the same short story group. I followed you ages ago. Be nice to make contact again.


  5. Sexy six! That man's incorrigible :-)

  6. I wandered over from SSS, but I noticed you're doing the Campaign building platform too!

    Very cool :)