Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Still Sh - ! - T

Lately, I've been hearing people talk about how the economy is getting better.

Really? How? I don't see much change.

Working in insurance, I'm still seeing people getting their homes foreclosed. The other day I was driving to work when I saw three homeless people in three different areas. Ten years ago, you wouldn't have seen homeless people in those areas.

So yesterday I was paying my bills and realized that I have all of $100 that I should survive on for a whole month as my next paycheck will have to be put away to cover next months bills. My job is about 35 miles away from my home and so most of my paycheck goes to cover the gas. I think it's time to search for a second job.

For all those people who say things are getting better. Really? Because from where I'm standing, it still looks like sh!t.

How about you? Have you noticed an improvement in the economy?


  1. If anything it's gotten worse. Not that it surprised me. You can't keep throwing money at a system and expect it to work.

    The business of enterprise works off supply and demand. It needs internal stimulation, not a life support system.

  2. The economy has gotten better for those who weren't hurt by it as much in the first place. No more billionaires suiciding because they may face the terrible fate of downgrading to being multi-millionaires.

  3. They're talking about an improvement in the UK too. Er, no. It's getting worse for Mr and Mrs Average.

  4. Such a great post! Love visiting your blog!

    Lola x

  5. No, I haven't noticed it getting better. I know people about to lose their 'new jobs' and are really stressed out. I noticed our checks dwindling to zip pretty quickly, too.

    It's only better for the fat cats, not for us regular people.

  6. Doesn't appear to me to be getting any better either, sadly. And if groceries keep going up there will be lots more skinny people around.

  7. I made the mistake of switching careers TWICE in the last two years. (Being around middle school students drove me crazy, so I went to working with college students... which turned out to not be so hot either.) After that slick move I was lucky to land the position I have now.

    Yes, more jobs are being created, but more and more people on unemployment are falling off the unemployment list into the category of discouraged worker, so they aren't showing up as being unemployed anymore, even though they are.

    Don't get me started on health care. I has none. And if you knew WHO I worked for that doesn't provide health insurance... well, you probably wouldn't be too surprised, actually :)

  8. I notice car sales up. We have a friend who sells cars and business has never been better. I can rarely ever find a place to park when I have swing by the mall. To me, I just hear the media telling us that the economy isn't getting better which I have a hard time believing based on everything I see around me. However, the area that I'm in here in SoCal wasn't hit by foreclosures. Everyone bought houses that they could afford on their income and didn't go in for those interest only loans knowing the interest rate would rise and they would be paying through the nose. It's weird - like we're in a little bubble here.

  9. I'm thinking the backlash is appearing I doubt if economy is getting better. I had two surgeries and have taken off eight mo out of the last year and am living off savings. Another year like this one and I'll be homeless.