Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Fortune Teller of Dreams

When I was in high school, I learned one big lesson about my dreams. They tend to give me a message. Sometimes, a dream is just a dream. Yet, at other times, it's a foretelling of the future.

They started with beauty and health. I would dream that I opened my tube of mascara and it was empty. Within a week of having that dream it would actually happen. I would dream that I bought a new summer dress. Within weeks, I would find an identical dress for sale. I would dream that I got sick and well, within a week I would be.

As dreams go, it's a little lame that my dreams predict stupid things like lost eyeliners or indicate that I should dress nice on a certain day because I'll meet a cute guy (back in high school still).

Then one night I had a dream that I was a bestselling author. Minus the bestselling part, that dream came true. However, lately (okay, okay, almost a year) I've been feeling that I can't write. That everything I type is pure crap and no one will ever want to read it. Surely I will never publish another story again.

Last night I had a dream. In this dream I was holding a book. I was proud of myself because this book was selling really well, and it was written by me. Then I looked at the cover. Besides my name, the yellow cover said Harlequin Super Romance on it. And then, I heard a voice saying "This is what you need to be writing". Soon after I heard that voice, my alarm clock rang and I had to get up.

I've never read a Harlequin Super Romance so that is now on my to do list. Maybe that is where my publishing luck will be.

Have you ever had fortune teller-like dreams?

Fun Fact: The dream I had in high school about me being a bestselling author, and the dream I had last night about my Harlequin novel, have one thing in common. In both dreams, my book had a yellow cover.


  1. Yellow is the color of awareness and intellectual stimulation in dreams. A good sign!

    I've had dreams work out problems for me, but not necessarily foretell the future.

    Although a palm reader once told me I was going to be successful in publishing--FIVE years before I ever considered writing.

  2. That's so cool! I hope it comes true for you. Last night I had a dream I lived in a futuristic society where planes like giant birds swooped down and plucked up people and took them to prison, where they were hanged then left on the street to be displayed. Um, yeah. I know - crazy. I won't even try to figure out what *that* means!

  3. I hope the super, successful best selling dream DOES come true, after all, you are already on that path.

    As for dreams, mine tend to fade and I don't remember them. I've sometimes had daydreams then experience a moment of deja vu, but nothing that can be interepreted...or at least nothing I've ever considered interpreting so it got dished to the fringes.

  4. I don't have the gift of sight. It would be cool to have - even if only about eyeliner and getting sick (I would have predicted my pneumonia!). You know, I think you're onto something with the Harlequin because the minute that I read it, it clicked - I could immediately picture you writing for them and doing very well (like Best Selling well)!!

  5. I hope your dream comes true! There's no reason why it can't. :)