Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Goodbye to SBP

As many of you may know, my book "Intimate Healing" is published with Sapphire Blue Publishing. After just a few short months, my book is being returned back to me.

The announcement came over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Sapphire Blue is closing their doors for good. 

The rights to "Intimate Healing" have been returned back to me. Now this is my time to edit the book again, change the things I didn't like about it, and send it off somewhere else. Let it find a new home. 

So, if you really, really want to read this book (or any other Sapphire Blue book) please purchase one now because I believe it will all be down by December 1. If I'm not mistaken, all their books are already gone from Amazon and most third party sites.

After three years SBP is saying goodbye (same as my 3 year long marriage, wow). So let's all say adios to SBP.


  1. That's sad, Angelina. These days you have so many options though. Rough year for you. The good news, a publisher took you on. So, you know it's good. Keep going.

  2. It's so sad to hear of another publisher going under. Good luck shopping it around again, or perhaps self-pub.

  3. I don't wish ill to any publisher, but I can't wait until I get my rights back.

    I hope your story finds a new home soon.