Monday, January 2, 2012

After the Celebration

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Happy New Year everyone!

I rang in the new year at a party that I really didn't want to go to but was convinced to do it anyways. Most of the guests were considerably older then me (not that I normally mind, but this time I felt out of place) and most of the guests were paired off and I was one of the few single people in the room. It really made me miss being a part of a committed relationship.

Seeing other couples dance, I did notice one specific pattern. Most of the men didn't want to dance. They did it because their wife, girlfriend, life partner, ect wanted to dance. They compromised and did something they didn't want to do for the woman they love, like, ect. It made me think of what traits I'll be looking for in a man the next time I decide to get serious. As the ex didn't have that skill to compromise on anything, it was always his way or the highway, I'll be specifically looking for a man who could.

One the first, I spend the whole day relaxing at home. I watched TV, I started reading a Nora Roberts novel, I exercised towards my goal of being thin by mid spring, and I edited a story I plan to submit soon.

How did you all celebrate the New Year and the first day of the year?


  1. I'm still nursing Murray. But I am still hopeful all will be well.

    I'm glad you went to that party. It's good to be among others and better to step away from our comfort zone.

  2. Happy New Year, Angelina. Going to that party may not have turned out to be a "blast" but you came away with some nugget of knowledge that can help you in your future love life endeavors.

    I rang in the New Year at home, safe and sound, relaxing with my daughter. I enjoyed it...and so did she, so that made it all the more better.