Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Whenever a new year rolls around, people set out to make changes in their lives. They make resolutions for big and small differences that will change their lives in grand ways. Most people, also fail in those resolutions within the first few days or the first few months.

I, too, have set out into this new year with resolutions of changes I would like to make to my life, except I started mine the day after Christmas.

This year I plan to eat healthier and work out. Health is very important and many of us take it for granted until it's too late and there are years of damage to repair. I don't want to get to that so I figured if I try to adapt to a healthy lifestyle now, I will not have to pay for it later.

I also plan to concentrate more on my writing. When you have over one hundred plot ideas fighting for your attention every day, it's easy to get distracted. However, how will those stories get written if I don't pick one at a time and write it? So, my goal this year is to just concentrate on one piece at a time and only work on that until I'm done and ready to submit.

So far, I've been pretty good about keeping those resolutions and making those changes in my life. Ever since December 26th, I've been eating healthier, working out, and editing ms's that are done but not yet ready to be submitted just because I really dislike the self editing/rewriting process. But I also took a break yesterday and didn't do any of the things I planned to do. I have every intention of going back to my new lifestyle today.

How about you? Any resolutions or lifestyle changes for you this year?


  1. Happy new year! Great start to the year for you. I've gotten myself organized and started on my writing resolutions. Yet my more personal one - exercising - well, I uncovered the exercise bike in the garage and glared at it.

  2. Those sound like great goals, and pretty similar to mine. You sound more determined that me, though.

    *laughs* That's not a great attitude, is it? I must be more serious.

    I do rather like this time of year when we take stock and think about our lives.

  3. I've been doing a lot of research into food lately and eating healthier is also on my list.

  4. Props to you for your resolution. I wish you the best and the ability to stick with it. My own resolution? Learning to balance work better with my own writing and hobbies. Since I've started working, every moment seems to go to it.

  5. I've decided to eat healthier and slowly working towards the work out part. Baby steps lol!!

  6. I'm focus on health in 2012 as well! I can't wait to get back to exercising - I've missed it these last few months that I've been sick. There's nothing I love more than really burning it out! Tomorrow night - boot camp in the park! And I'm going back to vegan this year as well. The dairy slipped back in when I got married because the husband can't live without his cheese and ice cream. But I felt so much better and looked better without it. I'm not jumping right in - I'm working my way slowly. Replaced the morning milk with almond. Then replaced the WW ice cream bar at night with vegan cookies. Next up, lunches (I'm on a greek yogurt kick I have to stop).

  7. Hi Angelina,
    I too have being doing the same. I've been working out everyday since Boxing day. I have also been working on manuscripts today, and promoting my next novel, 'Forgotten Memories.'

    You know what I have at night occasionaly if I want something to eat. Cereal. Muesli. I don't eat icecream or chocolate cause I don't like it. I munch on crackers with a dip but always everything in my fridge is low fat due to hight cholestrol.

    Good Luck with your goals... I'm keeping an eye on you, and will ask from time to time. lol. :)

  8. Christine, good luck on the writing goals. I hope you reach them all. As for the exercise bike, well, I have a few things like that in the garage collecting dust. However, I'm using the exercise bike lately.

    Deborah, good luck on your goals.

    Maria, good luck on your food research. I hear that green foods are the ones you need most. I'm increasing my intake of green foods like lettuce, spinach, ect.

    DF, thanks. It's always hard to balance work and writing when you start working. It gets better when you get used to it. Good luck on finding that balance!

    Angela, yes, baby steps. If we try to do everything at once, we almost always fail. Taking it slow is a way to go.

    Jennie, it seems like you live a very healthy lifestyle already. I couldn't imagine a life without cheese and ice cream, those are my favorite foods. Good luck on your goal. :-)

    Suzanne, oh no. High cholestrol is not good! Good luck with trying to get it down.