Monday, January 9, 2012

Health, Dogs, and Blogs

Hello! How are you all doing on this second Monday of the year? I, for one, feel very good.

I've been keeping my resolution to eat healthy so all of last week, my meals were homemade with lots  of fresh veggies. All week I've been feeling great, until last Thursday. Last Thursday, I had a bunch of things to do after work, and I didn't have time for a home cooked meal. So I went to McD's (as that was the the closest food place around) and ordered a chicken sandwich. Chicken is healthy, right? Um, yeah, if it's not fast food chicken! Friday, I didn't feel as energized as I've been feeling lately. My conclusion: Eating healthy works! And, there's 4 pounds less of me to love all because of my new healthier lifestyle.

Now, moving on to dogs.

Can you teach an old dog new tricks? My almost three year old puppy has always been a good boy, learning easily what he can and can not do. But now that I live in the apartment in my mom's basement, my puppy hangs out a lot with her eight year old golden retriever. Her dog has several bad habits that my mom has been trying to break for those eight years and couldn't. One is that he eats tree branches (okay, no so gross) and his own poop (okay, that's super gross). Now I've noticed my own puppy is doing that! How do I stop both dogs from doing that?

Now moving on to blogs.

There are some blogs that when I post a comment on the blog, the person then responds to my comment in an email. Sometimes, that leads to a whole conversation. I really like those email responses and would like to incorporate them into my own blog, but I don't know how to do it! If any of you have tried that, can you tell me how to set it up!


  1. Hey Angelina, glad to hear your new lifestyle is working out for you. The solution I have for the dog thing probably isn't something you want to hear, but it'll work: stop letting them hang out. Puppy is performing pack mentality of "Oh, I must copy older, wiser dog." Keep him in your apartment or a carrier during the day, while at work. Then let him have supervised play time with Mr. Bad Influence during which they both get scolded. Puppy will see the big guy getting in trouble too.

    As for the blog thing, I'm not completely sure, but I believe one way to go about it is to click on and e-mail each comment individually. Our e-mail addresses are supposed to be tied in to our name when we post.

    Hope that helps! ~ D

  2. Happy 2012!

    I'm of two minds about those emails. Generally, I like them, but I don't always have time to respond... and then I feel guilty!

  3. Yay for the lifestyle changes. You're getting to see the benefits and that's wonderful.

    I'm not too sure about how to break the younger and older dog from the habits. But is it necessary that the dogs hang out together. Wondering if you supervise them, if the older dog will learn from the good behaviors of the younger dog?

    The e-mails? Honestly, the only ones I can respond to are the ones that don't come to me via google.bounced.reply or whatever. Otherwise, I try to make a habit of responding on the blog for future commentors to see my responsiveness.

  4. Hi Angelina - I wish I could help you with the dogs but my own don't have the world's best manners :) As for the blog thing, I do it through disqus - you import disqus to your blog, (it will transfer all your old comments too) and then when people comment you get it from disqus with an email address you can copy and paste into your reply which you can do right from your inbox - your reply posts your return comment on your blog and emails your comment to your commenter at the same time.

  5. Congrats on the healthy eating! I too can tell when I've had something healthy or junky because my brain works much better with the healthy stuff. As for the doggie issue, mine never eats poop (thank god!) but he licks up other dogs' pee when we go out on walks. Very gross. Not sure what to tell you--just use positive reinforcement, and try to veer your dog from the bad habits. Good luck!

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  7. good for the healthy eating thing. I went further and went organic. I haven't touched fast food in years.

    There's a way to have comments emailed to you. That's how I respond via email. Not everyone has their email linked though, so you won't be able to reply to everyone. I would assume the set up is in comments or the blogger setup somewhere.

  8. I didn't know the email thing existed. Hmmm.. not sure if I have the time.

    As for dogs, I'm thinking of getting a Siberian Husky. Thinking here, as I haven't had a dog since I was on the property and that was a while back.

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