Friday, February 24, 2012

My TBR Bookshelf

Hello everyone! My Evernight editor is releasing her own new book. First of all, I don't know how she does it. She edits, she releases new books like every couple of months, and she has a day job, and kids. When does she find the time! Anyway, I'll sure be reading her new book, will you?


Taming the Bad Girl (Office Seduction Two)
She’d been falling in love with him for years, since the moment they first met, and after one night of mind blowing sex Lucy’s mind was made up. She wanted Giles forever...only he didn’t want her back.

Four months later and Lucy’s life is a mess. A string of men, countless parties and a huge screw up at work, leave her with only one place to turn for help. Back to the man who broke her heart. The man she swore to loathe forever.

Will Giles want to help her get back on track? And if he does will he be able to look past her bad girl ways and tame her once and for all?


Giles leaned forward on his desk, putting him even closer to me. I gulped. “I notice you didn’t ask me for help.”
            “Well, no.”
            “Why?” he asked.
            I gulped again. It was so damn hot in here and why the hell wasn’t my heart slowing? I’d probably end up having a heart attack in Giles’ office. He’d have to feel something then surely? That thought gave me some satisfaction and I spoke before thinking. “We don’t exactly work very well together,” I said. “We never did, even before….”
            I halted, panic slithering down my spine. Why the hell had I said that? After the night at the bar it was completely the wrong thing to say. To bring it up again! Shit.
            Giles shot up and moved around the desk before I even realized his intentions. I backed up, but there was only so much room available to me. A couple of steps and my shoulder blade met the filing cabinet.
            “Before what?” he said, and his voice was deadly.
            I shrugged, trying to look composed, but failing epically “Nothing. I just meant…nothing. It doesn’t matter.”
            “No, Lucy, by all means finish your sentence,” he insisted. “Call it exactly what you think it is.”
            The night we fucked. Wasn’t that what I’d said? I swallowed and ran my damp palms down my dress, wanting more than anything to push past him and go home. Yes, home. Not to a bar or a club, but to sink into my couch, pull a comforter around me and watch trash TV—just as I had the last few nights.
            “Let it go, Giles,” I said. “Wasn’t that what you were going to do?”
            He growled. “I was. Though you don’t seem to be able to.”
            How right he was, though he didn’t really know it. I can’t let you go…. The words whispered through my mind and with them came anger. Wonderful, beautiful anger, straight to my rescue, overriding the nerves and the hurt enough that I could give him a snarky smile. “Don’t flatter yourself.”
            “Then why bring it up?”
            “A slip of the tongue.”
            “So finish the slip,” Giles demanded. “Finish it, Lucy, once and for fucking all.”
            I glared and tossed my hair back. Loathing and longing pulsing through me. “Before we nearly made a huge mistake.”
            “A mistake?” He stepped even closer. “Is that what you’re calling it? I got the impression we did make it, never mind nearly. I have some very vivid memories of our…mistake.”
            “No, Giles,” I said “A mistake would have been doing it more than once. That night was just….” I waved my hands, trying to find the words to sum it up in as nasty a way as I could. “A blip. Something that should never have happened. I realized that the moment you went mental over a stupid phone call.”
            “A phone call from another man!”
            “Whatever. It’s done now, just like you wanted.”
            “Is that right?” I could feel tension radiating off him—which made no sense—but maybe he was as angry as I was. After all, no man liked to be labeled a blip and certainly not one as masculine as Giles.
             “Yes it is,” I insisted, eyeing the door. “Thank God I learnt my lesson in time.”
            “But you haven’t,” Giles said, practically seething. “You’ve got a whole lot to learn yet, sweetheart.”
* * * *
            I pulled her into my arms, ignoring her gasp of outrage, and wound my arms around her slim waist. She fit so perfectly and anger pulsed through me. A mistake, was I? A blip? So finally she’d admitted it! Just like I’d known all along. Damn her, I’d show her a mistake.
            My mouth found hers before she could stop me and all at once it was like coming home. She mewed against my lips, but again I took no notice. I consumed her mouth, thrusting my tongue in, demanding her acceptance. She stiffened in my arms, pushing against me, and I was sure she was going to deny me. Push me off. Tell me there was no chance in hell of this ever happening. A mistakeJust a fuck…. But then she melted, I could actually feel it. Her resistance went, her body molded against my own, her tongue found mine and I wanted to shout my satisfaction.
            We kissed for what seemed like hours, days, but was maybe only minutes. I didn’t know. Pleasure wrapped around my body, pulsed along my cock, filled my mind. How many nights had I taken myself in hand, pleasured my own shaft, all the while thoughts of her slipping in? And now I had her. Now she was in my arms again. It was almost too much to comprehend and because of that, in that moment it didn’t matter that she didn’t want me like I wanted her, that I was going to be just another fuck, another mistake. I’d take it. It was enough right now. It would have to be.
            I backed her up against the filing cabinet and ran her dress up her thighs until it bunched around her waist. She moaned and undulated against me, ramping up my excitement to the point of unbearable. The kiss deepened and I lifted her into my arms. She weighed hardly anything. Her legs wrapped around me and my hands moved underneath her perfect ass, squeezing and molding. I could feel the heat of her pussy against my dick and I almost shot my load right there and then. But I’d waited too long for this. So many months waiting that I knew I’d hold on.
            Without really thinking about it I turned and dropped her on the edge of my desk. The movement was enough for our lips to unlock and I paused, wondering if now would be the moment she’d refuse me. But the look on her face caught me by surprise. She was flushed, excitement and something I couldn’t quite identify sparkling in her eyes.
            She reached up, undid my tie, and popped the buttons of my shirt, exposing my chest, the muscles I knew she’d loved the last time I’d had her.
            “Touch me, Luce,” I whispered. “Let me feel your hands on me.”
            She complied. Running along my pecs, across my ab muscles, before leaning in and taking one of my nipples in her mouth. She tugged on it, nipped it and my dick almost burst through my zipper. I reached down and let it out, then nudged her thighs apart.
            “My tights,” she whispered. “I need to…”
            I ripped them along the length of the crotch. Scarlet panties that were already drenched flashed through the material. I ripped those too.
            Her voice held a world of shock, but there was no fucking way I was giving her even a moment to think about what we were doing. The idea that she might realize what the hell was going on and push me aside with a taunting look and a snarky smile horrified me. I had to have her! I fucking had to. She was driving me crazy and though I knew this was wrong in so many ways I was too far gone to care. Anger and lust drove me. Tomorrow would be the time for regrets, not now. Not when I had exactly what I wanted mere inches from me.
            “Open you legs, Luce,” I said. “Nice and wide for me.”
            “Are we really going to do this?” she whispered.
            “Fuck?” I asked.
            To answer her I took either side of the vertical split at the top of her scarlet dress, the part that allowed far too much cleavage to peek through, and ripped that too.


  1. Wow!! And now I must find a tall glass of ice water to pour over me - erm, I mean drink :-)

  2. She wants him, but he doesn't want her. Sounds like a lot of conflict and a good story. My tbr pile is high, but heck whats another one. lol. :)