Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Odds and Ends

Hello everyone! How are you all?

I wanted to inform you that if you haven't visited Monday's post, please do. You could learn more about my writing as well as enter to win a free copy of Virgins Behaving Badly which releases March 16th. Here's the link to Monday's post: LINK

Don't forget to check out the pretty little graphic at the top of the post for Monday. I made that little banner.

In other writerly news, if I haven't told you already, when I would like to inform you that Intimate Healing, my contemporary romance will be coming out with a new title. The new name of my books is Rescued Love.

It's been really nice here in Chicago over the last week. It's usually sunny and in the upper 60's or lower 70's. Today, we are expected to set a record by climbing up to 77. Sucks that I have to work and can't really enjoy it.

I learned that my divorce will go through and be official on April 5th.

What's new with all of you? How's the weather?


  1. April 5th sounds like a good day to have a night out with some friends. Celebrate.

  2. Thanks, Maria. It's def a night for my new love, chocolate vine.

  3. Lots going on in your world, it seems! It's been lovely and warm in London, too. Fingers crossed it continues.

  4. I like the new title you're going with. Addresses both of the angles of the book.

    Pre-congrats on the final date for ending that chapter of your life. Starting the new one with chocolate vine sounds like a grand idea.

    Nothing big going on in my world. Just blogging and writing and reading.

  5. You'll be glad to know that it has been as warm in Chicago as it is in Phoenix. :-) Congrats on your latest release!