Monday, April 23, 2012

The Me In Team

Teamwork! It's the foundation of many great working relationships, especially if you work in a field
 where you have a lot of co-workers. It's the "team" element that's really getting on my nerves at my new waitressing job.

I've waited tables for five years so I know how to chip in and help out without expecting anything in return. It's common courtesy. Well, in my new waitressing job, there are a few girls that make teamwork seem like more of a job than it is. You see, they have a backwards definition of the word "team". Instead of them thinking that it means we all chip in and get the task accomplished, they think that everyone else should drop everything and help them without them ever returning the favor.

I'm having real issues with those two waitresses at my new weekend job. One of them is not so bad. Sure she's loud, obnoxious, and thinks the world should revolve around her, but she also knows that she has a quick temper and is likely to bite your head off when she's mad at someone else. And so she tells you right away to stay away from her because she's cranky. That I could excuse.

It's the other one I have the most problems with. She didn't like me from day one, and went out of her way to single me out, complain about things that I did, even when it was clear that it wasn't me who did it. This weekend, she admitted that she really doesn't like me and wants me gone. I feel the same way bitch!

I've only been there a month and I'm already sick of this particular girl. I'm so tired of hearing her complain about me to everyone else. "I asked Ang to carry a plate for me but her hands were full of her own plates. Can you believe she told me she'll help in a minute. Doesn't she know she needs to drop everything to help me now?!", or "Ang was taking an order and coffee needed to be brewed. Sure I was doing nothing at the time, and there is a different girl whose job it is to brew coffee, but I'll still complain that Ang should have ignored the table and brewed coffee because I said so." Doesn't this girl know that as soon as I have a free second I will help out with the teamwork and brew the damn coffee? Better yet, why couldn't she stop peaching about teamwork and complaining about me and brew the damn coffee herself as she has nothing better to do. But oh no, it's not her job to brew the coffee. And technically, if we use her logic, it wasn't my job to brew it either.

I guess it's true what they say. There's a bitch at every job. I just wish those bitches would start acting their age and stop being petty little children. It's time to grow up and stop thinking that the world revolves around you. Now I remember why I hated waitressing so much.


  1. Methinks the bitch at work has learned she can get away with crap like this so she does. It's a poor manager who allows this kind of pettiness to occur.

  2. They both sound pretty horrible to me. In my books, telling someone you're crank is no excuse to be awful to someone.

  3. Hmmm...I wonder what it would be like if these two were to get stick with a matching pair identical with them instead of others actually willing to be team players? Sounds like that would make for fun being a fly on the wall lol!!

    Sorry you've got such interesting coworkers to deal with.