Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Swimming With The Fishes

Two years ago, I bought myself this little goldfish you see in this picture. At that time, his little body was golden but the tail was black. He didn't look like a real goldfish, or maybe like a bad-ass fish who broke the rules by having a different colored tail. That was the reason why I bought him, and I named him Blacktail.

Blacktail resided in the 10 gallon aquarium for two whole years. He was with me when I had my good times, as well as the bad, and when I split from the ex, Blacktail came with me.

I took care of my little fishy and after some time he started to recognize me. I would come home from work and walk over to his aquarium and he would swim to the surface. I liked to assume that he was saying "Hi, Mamma," or "I love you" although I know better. "Feed Me!" was probably the more likely reason why he liked to see me.

Nontheless, he was a good little goldfish until this Sunday. I came home from work to the bad news that Blacktail died. I saw him floating up top, not breathing or moving his little mouth as he usually did.

He was a good little fish and in the two years I had him, I've grown accustomed to seeing him in the aquarium. Now, I look at the empty water tank and I miss seeing the flash of gold zig-zaging through the water.

It is with love that I say goodbye to Blacktail. I hope you're swimming with the fishes in little fish heaven.


  1. How sad. :( I'm sorry for your loss. I had a gold fish named Duricel for years. That fucker lived, and lived, and lived. He ended up in my parents 50 gallon aquarium because he got so bloody big. Here's the sad part, I won him at one of those ball toss games at a carnival. I didn't expect him to live past a week.

    Planning to get anyone new?

  2. Poor fishy. He could've died of any number of things. But you gave him a good life while he was with you.