Monday, May 21, 2012

Auto Claim Central

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Working in insurance, I've had to deal with many different kinds of auto claims. For the most part, the claims that come in are pretty straight-forward. The police report matches the insured's story of the incident. Sometimes, however, you do get a claim that is different. A few weeks ago I had a client call the agents office and report a claim. It seemed pretty straight-forward, our client was stuck and the other driver ran off. A typical hit and run, until the police report came in. According to the report, it was our client who struck the other car and took off. I don't know if our client thought she could get away by opening the claim and putting all the blame on the other person. Lately, we're had several auto claims where upon a little research we learn that our insured was at fault, and that they lied to us about the event and how it happened. One client actually told me (after it coming out that she lied about how the accident happened) that because she pays the premium she expects her insurance company to believe what she says without investigating the incident. Yeah! That is not how it works! When you pay for your auto insurance, you are NOT paying so that in case of an accident, your insurer will lie on your behalf. What you are paying for is the liability. If you have an accident and you are at fault, you are paying the insurance company to take care of things after the accident (to fix the other vehicle involved and to cover the medical bills of the people you injured) so that you don't get sued. Have you ever known anyone who lied during an auto claim? ----------------- PS: Blogger wouldn't let me do paragraphs today. That is why this post is so strangely formatted. Sorry. :-(


  1. The one accident I had - myself - the cop got my story and the story of the other driver. Not sure if the cop was just trying to make it easier on the other guy but he ended up ruling it a no fault. I just didn't care given my car only had a few scratches given things could have been worse since the other vehicle was a big rig trying to do a wide right turn from the wrong lane.

  2. I've never known anyone who falsified a report, but somehow this doesn't surprise me.