Monday, May 14, 2012

Cover Artists

Besides being an author, I've always wanted to be a cover art designer as well. I know how to blend pictures, layer them, change some of the coloring, ect, ect. This past week, I finally made a few covers in the hopes that I could sell my skills to some publishers or authors.

I've wanted to share with you some of the designs I made. Check out my little cover art website: Angelic Designs


  1. Looks good, but you might be pricing it a bit too low, depending on the typography and special effects.

    If this is straight out of the photo factory then you're okay, but if you have to put any work into it, that's not enough money for your time.

  2. Nice covers. I have no clue how any of this works. I went and priced Photoshop today just out of curiosity and nearly pissed my pants when I saw the price of $699.

  3. I agree with Maria. You might be priced too low. Hope your cover design business takes off!

  4. Very nice. Better than I can do. I'm still learning.