Monday, May 7, 2012

Those Who Can't, Teach

You know that saying "Those who can't do, teach it."? Lately, I've had a lot of people tell me how to live my life without them having to walk in my shoes. It's rather annoying when people, who don't even read, start giving me writing advice. Here is some of my "favorite"!

1. You can't write erotic romance. You can't possibly have that much experience. (Experience, huh? I should interview some of those authors who write about vampires. I wonder what kind of experience do they have to write in that genre?)

2. You should write YA because it sells better. (Okay, sure. Now can my YA characters be grown up and sexually active?)

3. You should write some BDSM where the hero rapes the heroine. (um, no! Not happening!)

But it's not just writing that they think they know all about. I've also had someone who has never held a job tell me how to work and how to make more money.

1. You should really save all the money you make. Don't spend it. (When is the last time you've seen me go shopping?! I'm not the one who needs a new bracelet every week.)

2. You should leave your job and find something much better paying. It shouldn't be that hard to find something. (Yes, because the job market is great right now and jobs grow on trees.)

Luckily, it's not just me this person has talked about work and money with. My mother got the greatest advise out there when it comes to money from this unemployed person.

1. You know, you should stop paying your mortgage and just live in that house until you're evicted. And then you can rent. It's much cheaper. ( Is that even logical? Sure, she will abandon this big four bedroom house that she has a low interest rate on and pays only around $750 a month. And find a crappy one bedroom apartment in a bad neighborhood for like $800 a month. I can see how that would save her money!)

Do you have people in your life who like to help you with their great advise?


  1. People like that make my teeth hurt.

    And for the idiot who advised your mother to stop paying her mortgage--Please tell me you can't reproduce. The world doesn't need more people with this attitude.

  2. You know, it would really be mean of me to say that sterilization programs should be implemented to prevent the procreation of more "thinkers" like this individual.

  3. Thank you for the smile, Angelina. It's only funny because it rings so true... and crazy. I know people just like them. :)

  4. I'm sure erotica sells better than YA. A friend of mine makes a fine living off of it. Makes me think I should switch genres.

    I tend not to listen to much advice I get. Luckily, most people I know refrain.

  5. Thankfully not! It drives me crazy when people try to do that.