Monday, June 11, 2012


Remember my contemporary romance, Intimate Healing? The book that was released full of typos, grammar errors, and useless over-detailed scenes? Well, I'm happy to announce that it's about to be released again titled Rescued Love this time.

It's funny how different editors edit differently. The original editor for the book didn't like or get the plot or characters, so the edits missed focus. It was more about language and painting a mental picture but when it came to character development and emotion, the editing was a disaster.

I was very lucky with my new editor. She enjoyed the story which made it easier for her to edit it, and it showed in the comments she made. Scenes that the original editor had me delete, this editor suggested I write a sequel based on those scenes.

The first time around, I was dreading the release of the book and this time, I'm jumping for joy and couldn't wait for the readers to find it.

Now the wait begins with a little more then a month until the July 27th release!

This morning, I found myself on the Breathless Press website on their authors listing. Check it out!

What is new with all of you?


  1. I am thrilled you like your new editor better. A good editor makes all the difference in the world.

    It sounds like you lucked out this time.

  2. It's great you are having it reprinted. I also have had bad editors, who insisted they do it their way even though it is and was plan to see the grammar was wrong, the sentence structure out, and some typos.

    We learn as we go, but a writer shouldn't have to face this at all.

    All the best, and I hope you sell trillions. :)

  3. Congrats! Editors do make a huge difference. I finally found one I like.