Monday, July 2, 2012

What if.......

I'm moving.

New cover and title.
Yup, my new writing office is under a rock. You see, I have a new release coming out in LESS than a month. I've never been so nervous about a book's release as I am about RESCUED LOVE.

The reason for my nervousness is very simple. When it first released with SBP under the title INTIMATE HEALING, the book was crap. My editor and I didn't see eye to eye on this book and the story itself was compromised in the end. Often times, I got the impression that she didn't like the story itself, or the characters that filled the pages.

This time, my editor (who considers herself to be evil, but I know better) has been amazing. Her input made the story better. There were some scenes where even I was thinking "Wow, this is a big improvement." Where the first time I got a few reviews that complained about the editing (typos and grammar issues that weren't corrected despite me bringing it to the editor's attention) this time, I'm certain the edits are perfect.

Original cover and title.
So what am I so scared of? Well! The first time the book released, I knew it wasn't any good, and I was ashamed of it. I did very little promo for it, doing mainly for the sake of holding up my end of the bargain to my publisher. This time around, I think the book is better. I think the characters were returned to their original personality while the plot has been fixed. But..... What if I'm wrong? What if the story is still just as bad, but without the typos and grammar errors?

I think I will stay here under my rock. It's comfortable here.

How do you deal with upcoming release jitters?


  1. I can completely relate! Before every release, I nearly have a nervous breakdown! Good luck, I'm sure the book is fab! I know me saying that doesn't help, though.

  2. Ah pre release jitters, am in them right now myself. I throw myself into writing something else. Seem to at my most productive pre-release week lol.

    That cover is beautiful!

  3. *Seem to be even!


    I clearly need another coffee!

  4. It's probably a bad sign, but I no longer get nervous. This is because I've reconciled myself to believe that once the book leaves my hands, it is what it is. Whatever decisions were made between me and the editor are history. It's up to the reader now.