Friday, September 21, 2012

New Publishing Contract

Yesterday, I signed a new publishing contract for a very short story which will now be coming soon from Evernight Publishing.

"Flames of Desire" was actually written by accident. I was having the mother of all writers blocks when I decided to simply write something random, almost like a flash fiction or a prompt. It was supposed to only get the writing juices flowing, but once I finished, I realized the story was long enough to go to Evernight's new line of short stories, Romance on the Go.

Here is a little unofficial blurb for Flames:

Ginelle Jinx, recently single, heartbroken, and unemployed, decides to cast an impotency spell on her cheating ex. She doesn't expect the spell to have consequences, but her house catches on fire.

Five hunky firemen come to Ginelle’s rescue, one of them being Seth Tompson, her high school sweetheart. With one fire out, she finds old flames and new ones mingling as she indulges the pleasures her five firemen have on offer. But what will happen when she realizes she still loves Seth? Does he feel the same? Can an old flame become a raging inferno?

Coming to Evernight Publishing this November.