Friday, October 12, 2012

Guest Author: Angela Brown

Hello All, please welcome Angela Brown to the blog. Today, she's going to be talking about her first novel.

Welcome, Angela!

AR: Tell me about this story (or series, if it's a series), how did it come about? 

AB: Thank you, Angelina, for having me here today. My YA paranormal, Neverlove, was born from my Abby and Basil blog opera during the 2012 A to Z blogging challenge. Day by day, the blog opera unfolded – unplanned, honestly – and each day I had regular visitors interested so much in what actually happened to my heroine and hero that by the end, the novel was needed to bring some form of closure. It is a story of forbidden love and working to overcome the pains within ourselves.

AR: Who is your heroine and what are some of the conflicts she faces? 

AB: Abigail Bishop – Abby – is my heroine. For years she’s suffered visits from a monster, her father, a man who displayed a twisted sort of love that drove Abby to a rash decision. She’s given a second chance to heal, to live, but love is forbidden.

So her feelings for Basil are a problem in more ways than one.

AR: Who is the hero and what conflicts does he face? 

AB: Basil was born into a home where love, unfortunately, came in slim-to-none proportions. Perfection was the key. Then one slip-of-the-tongue earnd him a spot in servitude to the master of hell. Love is forbidden for him as well. So, what to do when Abby enters his life?

AR: Where did you get the idea for the story? Who or what was your inspiration? 

AB: I wanted a theme for the 2012 A to Z blogging challenge. Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” inspired the romance theme and the forbidden love story grew from there.

AR: As a reader, what kind of books do you like to read? 

AB: I read a variety of books, mainly fiction. I’m a huge fan of fantasy and sci-fi but you’ll find me reading anything from spicy erotica to a middle grade contemporary. My only exception is horror. My imagination is just too wild. I’ll see something that isn’t there and scare the daylights out of myself lol!!

~Duty or love? There can be only one.~

For Abigail Bishop, life has reached its final low, and seventeen doesn't seem such a bad age to die.

For Basil Hines, perfection is the key to earning his parents' love, especially his mother. He never suspected sharing this thought with a friend would bring hellish results.

Abigail's rash decision, and failure to take her own life, leads her to V'Salicus Academy, a place to start anew, become a Cleanser, a guide to show lost souls the way to The Gates for Judgment. Basil ends up duty bound to hell, his soul gambled and lost to the Devourer, all for the price of a few words. As the devil's newest Harvestor, Basil must steal lost souls to feed his new master's constant craving.

In their new roles in life, love is forbidden, but when their paths cross, true love is what Abigail and Basil finally discover in each other. Can they hold tight to their love, or will duty trump all, leaving them both to a fate of Neverlove?


Here is a short excerpt as well: 

Abby grabbed her bathrobe and entered the shower. She knew exactly how she missed it. She let the water run cold to chill the heat flaring beneath her skin every time she thought of Basil’s eyes. His smile. The smell of sweet apples that clung to him like a never-ending cologne.

Thinking of him made parts of her tingle with anticipation. Parts only ever abused for her father’s entertainment. She pondered what it would feel like to share her body with Basil, two people inexperienced in love. True love. Would she know how to stay in the moment, so practiced at cutting her body off from her mind and heart to survive the monster visits? Basil’s touch was so different, so appealing, something she wanted, craved, needed. His presence clung to her like morning dew whenever, wherever…all the time. She gasped, realizing she’d begun to pretend her hands were Basil’s hands, searching, probing.


  1. I didn't know "Set Fire to the Rain" was your inspiration.

    You can't do better than get inspiration from Adele.

    1. Yeah. I was on a seriously heave Adele kick for a while. Played her CD in my car non-stop for the longest. Something about this song really touched me. When I needed a theme, this song sort of inspired the "hell" and fire angles and the secrets and betrayal of lovers

  2. Thanks so much, Angelina, for having me hear today. this is so wonderful.

  3. I love Adele, too. She's on my ipod. Great interview, Angela, and that's one hot scene!