Monday, October 15, 2012

To Do List: Make Someone Cry. Check!

Yes, you read right. I made someone cry... intentionally.

Wait! Let me explain. You see, when I wrote Rescued Love, I wasn't looking for it to be the next biggest bestseller. I wasn't looking to make a million bucks off it. Nope! My goal was very simple. I wanted to make the reader cry.

In today's society, not every book that makes the bestsellers list is good. Frankly, some of it is utter crapolla wrapped in a crappy bow. And some of the best books publisher haven't made any bestsellers lists. Judging an author's skill by how many books they sell is completely unfair.

I was told, a long time ago, that anybody could write. Heck, as long as you passed the first grade, you could write. It doesn't mean you're any good though. The same person also told me that a good author will make the reader feel the same emotions the author wants them to feel. So I wanted to test my skill. Wanted to see if I'm one of those crapolla authors, or if I'm any good. With Rescued Love, I wanted to make the reader cry. To me, that would be the ultimate compliment, saying that the reader felt what I wanted that person to feel.

This weekend, I achieved my goal. I made a reader cry.

Normally, I don't share book reviews, but since this one made me feel all good and warm inside, I have to share it!

I've never really been  much of a big dog lover before. It's not that I don't like them or anything, it's just that I have never held that kind of connection with them that a lot of other people do. But then I began reading Rescued Love by Angelina Rain ... and my heart completely broke, shattered actually. And my feelings changed the moment I read about the cruelty that can come to animals of the world. So hold on to some tissues if you choose to read Rescued Love. You just might need them.

While jogging with her friend Petra one day, Jordon Powell just so happens to run into a man from her past. The man who just so happens to be Nate Thrillson, her once upon a time, high school sweet heart. Unfortunately, their past doesn't come with a good record, and Nate still holds a grudge when she broke his heart all those years ago. But still, their chemistry is smoking off the charts and neither one of them can deny it. 

Not too long after, they are reunited again, but this time, the visit isn't pleasurable. You see, Jordon is a vet and Nate is a cop and together they must find answers to a tragic problem that is occurring in their small, California town. Someone is stealing dogs, starving them, then having them fight to the death. It's what is known as an illegal dog fighting ring.

But with all this time spent together, will Jordan and Nate be able to stay just friends, or will the tragedy bring them together on a whole other level? A level that maybe, should never have been denied in the first place.

There were three sets of distinguished characters in Rescued Love, but none of them to me, out shined the other. They were all equally just as important and special. First off, there was Jordan. I admired her strong ways and her willingness to give and give, especially to the animals she cared for. Then there was Nate. I liked him a lot too, but his greatest quality was that he was so supportive of Jordan. And finally Petra. She was a riot, with her quirky little attitude and spark. I loved some of her one liners and since this book is first in a series, I truly hope that she's the star of the next book.

My only complaint about Rescued Love was that everything felt way too neat and tidy and a bit far fetched by the end, at least on Jordan and Nate's end. Once you read Rescued Love, you'll understand what I mean. I am definitely a happily ever after fan, but maybe the "cure" happened to quickly. I didn't want bad things to happen to the Nate and Jordan by any means whatsoever and I wanted more than anything for them to find their peace, but maybe if the conflict wasn't so quick to end then the premise would have been a bit more believable to me. But ... as far as everything else goes, Rescued Love was definitely a winner! I adored the blossoming love of Nate and Jordan and their story was one built out of true love. But the animals and their story really are what got to me, and I will admit, I shed a few tears throughout.

So if your an animal lover,  and you love romantic stories about reuniting love, then Rescued Love is just what you need to fill your reading gap with. Even if this story line doesn't sound very appealing, I still highly recommend you give Rescued Love a try!

Review Taken from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

I want to say thank you to the reviewer for such a great review of my books.