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Guest Author: D.F. Krieger

When I learned that author D. F. Krieger wrote a book about animal rescue, I jumped at the chance to offer her a spot on my blog to share some of her rescue stories. I've known D for a while. We "met" through twitter where she was an aspiring author and I had only one book contract under my belt. Hard to believe that now we're both published authors and that she was actually my editor for Rescued Love.  Having her edit RL was a dream come true. You see, RL is a fictional romantic suspense with an animal rescue subplot, and D has worked in animal rescue. She is here today to tell you all about some of her fur-babies and her great decision to help animals with her new book. So, please welcome, Author D. F. Krieger!


Animal rescue, to me, was never really a choice. If the world granted you the natural ability to heal, would you watch people suffer? Could you knowing you could make it all better for them? Though I may not be a healer, I can hear on a different level than most humans. Empathy, Animal Psychic, a keen eye for animal body language and the sense to translate it into understandable meaning; call it what you will, it doesn't change the fact that from the moment I could understand people, I could understand animals too.

I'd like to share MacBeth with you all. Beautiful blue, isn't he? Would you believe me if I told you this cat was so untouchable he was on the verge of being euthanized when I found him? His rescue and foster family had tried for months to get somewhere with him, to no avail. They finally posted an ad on Craigslist out of desperation. I wasn't even on Craigslist looking for a pet for me. I was trying to help a friend find a dog to adopt. When I saw his ad, it reached out to me. I'll never forget the headline. "January 4th or Euthanized."

When I called, the woman told me about a cat that sounded like he was demon possessed. He'd bit, scratched, and fled from anyone who ever tried to show him any affection. I assured her I'd worked with ferals before and understood the implications. They let me adopt him, shots and neuter and all, for free. When I arrived, he was hiding in a small room under a recliner. They lifted the recliner and I picked him up, walked him across the room, and brought him home. Oh, when I stuck him in the cat carrier, he ripped my thigh open, but I still got farther with him than anyone ever had. Now? He's no lapcat, but he'll darn near trip me demanding to be pet. He's my two year old lover boy and I couldn't be happier. I still think he was just waiting for me.

Now I'll share with you my baby who is still trying to heal, and probably never will completely. Lady LeFaye, also known as Faye. Isn't she gorgeous? Notice her front leg? It's permanently paralyzed. She can flex her toes and she can walk on it, but the elbow joint can't bend. Long story short, Faye was found on the side of the road dying from a snake bite. Somehow, she survived, but as is the case with most animal controls, her time was limited. I saw an ad for her and fell in love. The feeling wasn't quite so mutual when she met. The poor girl, she was so terrified she shook the entire time I held her at the adoption interview. Her fur was still growing back and she was still gaining control of her tail and back leg on her right side. Her front leg was where the snake bit her, and theory is the venom did damage there that will never heal, but the rest of her body was able to overcome it.

Faye still is scared of the world, but each day she gets a little braver. She has come up with some interesting ways to get around, and to keep up with the four other cats we have in this house. She can run, though it requires her to hold her leg out a little sideways. One thing is for sure, Faye is a mommy's girl and if she catches mommy on the computer, she climbs into my lap and throws all the items in my desk on the floor.

Animal rescue made it possible for me to save these two beautiful cats. Sadly, animal rescue, especially for smaller shelters like the one I worked at in my book Ruff Love are underfunded and in desperate need of extra anything. Knowing this, I resolved to do what I could to continue to help, even though I now live almost a thousand miles away. 60% of all royalties will go to Kat's Kennel and Rescue, where every single story that takes place in Ruff Love happened. Please, if you have less than three dollars begging to be spent, purchase a copy of Ruff Love. You'll get a book full of fabulous animals to inspire you, and you'll help save a life.

Thank you so much, Angelina, for having me on your blog. I wish you and the readers a great day and a happy holidays!

Thank you to D. F. for sharing those heartwarming stories of animal rescue. I hope you all do your part and get yourself a copy of Ruff Love.

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  1. These are such wonderful stories. Only a true animal lover would be willing to go to such lengths to help a pet in need. You're one of the good ones, D.