Monday, December 3, 2012

Bestseller and New Book Cover

Good news! Flames of Desire is a bestseller at BookStrands Short Story section, or at least it was until yesterday. Luckily, I took a snapshot of the bestselling list.

See! I'm book number 5!  Besides it being a bestseller for a minute, Flames also got a few good reviews on goodreads which made me very happy.

In other news, I realize I forgot to share the cover art for Sucking Santa's Candy Cane which is set to release this Friday. Check it out!

Isn't this cover yummy? I can't wait for this book to release. While Flames is hot and erotic, it's Santa that really captured my heart while writing it.

By the way, want a fun little fact? I was having a mega writer's block while writing Santa, so I prompted myself to write something short. It was supposed to be something that will never see the light of day, much less get published. Just a writing exercise, really. But then it turned into a story of it's own and that is how Flames of Desire was born.

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  1. Congratulations Angelina, Awesome news. Keep it up. Hmmm, your new cover is nice, and the title. I'm still laughing... in a nice way mind you. Nice bod too. :)