Monday, January 7, 2013


They say a person changes every seven years. Normally, one doesn't see the change within him/herself, however, I did spot changes in me. Lately, I see things differently. It helps that I'm around different people lately, far from the social circle that surrounded me a few years ago, ten years ago, ect. I guess when we grow, we change, and I've changed. The other day I noticed that when I used to be able to ignore certain issues, now they bug me. Before, I used to accept certain types of people, and now I want to scream my head off at them. Change is important in life, so if we stop changing, we stop living. 

This year, I plan to change even more. There are certain things about myself that I don't like, so I'm trying to tackle those traits, change them. My biggest problem is procrastination. I get distracted, too many things grab my attention, and it never returns to where I want it to. But that needs to change, because nothing will ever get accomplished if I continue to procrastinate. That is one thing I plan to work on.

How about you? Planning any changes in your life?


Monday's suck, don't they? So, we shell start this Monday off with a joke.

Disclaimer: I'm a blonde, so I'm allowed to make all the blonde jokes I can. I don't want to hear anyone say they were offended by the joke. It's a JOKE, the point is to make it funny and at times offensive. 

Two blondes are walking down the street. One looks down and points at something. She gets the other blonde's attention and says, "Look, there's a ten dollar bill on the ground."

The other blonde picks up the paper bill, studies it, and rips it to shreds.

"Why did you do that?" Her friend asks. 

"Because it's fake," she answers and throws the ripped paper on the ground.

Now curious, her friend asks, "How do you know it's fake?"

The blonde looks at her friend, annoyed that her buddy can be so stupid. "Because ten dollar bills don't have two zeros on them. Duh!" 


  1. I'm blonde. I did something ditzy once and joked about being blonde - it ticked off an older co-worker because her granddaughter was blonde. So I started pulling the "I'm just a blonde" constantly to irritate her (I'm very evil). I swear that karma came back around to bite me, though. The more I used the excuse, the more I started doing stupid, ditzy stuff! Anyway, amazing how hanging out with a new set of people can change your perspective and help you grow. If your friends aren't helping you grow, or being happy for you when you do, you know it's time for new friends. Some people enjoy being stuck in life. I can't hang with that. To me, it's all about moving forward. :) Happy New Year!!

    1. I do the same thing, the more I say I'm blonde, the ditzier I get. However, being a blonde sometimes does let us get away with things we can't normally get away with. :-)

  2. Ref: joke
    :headslap: Good one.

    You're right about change affecting you when you change the company you keep.

    I'll settle for more me time. I do so little for myself that even I'm beginning to notice. :)

    1. Me time is important and you deserve it! I usually have very little me time too, but I try to sneak some in sometimes.