Thursday, February 7, 2013

Flash Story: A Feel of Roses

I wrote the following flash a while ago. Actually, I planned on posting this next week as it will be Valentine's week and this will be fitting for that holiday, but I have a blog hop set for then, so this is a bit early. :-)

This is slightly on the naughtier side so only proceed reading if you're oven eighteen. (And if you're not, you shouldn't be checking me out in the first place because I write naughty stuff.)

A Feel of Roses  

"I want you to beg," he whispered. His breath tickled her ear, and the anticipation of his next move caused her heart to race. She couldn't see him, couldn't touch him. The black silk scarf blindfolded her eyes, shading her in darkness. She sat on a chair. Naked. Her legs spread for him to see what pleasures she offered. The lace of her thong caressed her wrists. He had used it to tie her hands behind her back.

Something soft and smooth touched the back of her neck. Sensations swirled as he circled it around, slowly, to her collarbone. The scent of a rose drifted through the air. She inhaled deeply.  

"Beg," he ordered.

Her center was already soaking wet, the need for fulfillment, for pleasure, swam within her. The silky rose traveled over her chest, its slow descend made her skin heat more. "Please," she whimpered. Begged.  

"Please what?"  

The rose went lower to her navel.  

"Please, please touch me."  

"Touch you where?"

Soft petals drifted over her inner thigh, like the flutters of a butterfly's wings. "Here?"  

She gasped. The need for him too strong.  

"Or here? Rose petals traveled over her lips, kissing her with their sensual fragrance. "Or how about here?" The silky flower touched her folds. The need within her exploded. Sensations raced through her as her back arched. Her needy whimpers echoed in her ears. "Yes, I think definitely here." His voice only a whisper as he touched her again, with his lips, and send her into another state of bliss.

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