Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Catching Up and NEWS

Have you ever, for some reason or another, abandoned all your responsibilities? I have! This past month was a hard one for me. Firstly, I had big migraines for one whole week and wasn't able to concentrate on writing, reading, editing, ect, ect. Then, the week that followed my kitty had to be put down and I was too depressed to worry about my responsibilities. Now I'm going crazy trying to catch up.

I have a little news though. I have a new release coming out this week. Tomorrow actually!

Here is the beautiful cover for my newest word-baby:

I really love this cover. It's one of my favorites out of all my covers. What do you think?

In other news, I'm also changing day jobs at the end of this week. My old job was selling and servicing captive insurance (captive insurance means you can ONLY sell products for that one company you are working with, like State Farm, American Family, Farmers, or Allstate. Those are the big captive companies). Right now I'll be giving the independent insurance thing a try (independent means I could sell for several companies. Some of the most popular independent insurance companies are USAA, AAA, MedLife, Eirie, Travelers, and Hartford). I'll also be working with a lot of non-standard companies (what that means is I'll be selling insurance specifically for bad drivers). I have a dream of some day owning my own insurance agency, but I want to know the entire industry backwards and forwards before I make that kind of commitment. Hopefully, I will enjoy working independent.


  1. love the cover and good luck in the new job

  2. Good luck with the new job Angelina! And love the new cover! Cant wait to read it!

  3. Beautiful cover and good luck on the job front :-)

  4. Gorgeous cover, Angelina!
    I'm convinced migraines come from hell to debilitate and wreak havoc on the unsuspecting.
    Sorry about you kitty.
    Best of luck in your new day job and with your new release. :)