Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Guest Author: Tamsin Baker

Today I have author Tamsin Baker on my blog and she'll be talking about why she writes. Enjoy!

Why do I write?

Well, the easiest answer is- because if I didn’t I would go INSANE!!!

But, let me think about this for a minute.

I write because I love it, more than just about anything. Excluding my beautiful hubby and children of course. It gives me a sense of freedom and joy that isn’t easy to describe to a non-author. I laugh out loud as my characters get up to all sorts of antics that I had never even thought about before. I can explore topics, sexual positions and paranormal fun stuff, that people in the real world just don’t want to talk about.

When people find out that I write m/m they ask how, literally how. But I turn around and say ‘how do I write about ménage vampires in Regency London?’ Seriously- it’s fiction!!! I do some research, read lots and let my imagination run free.

But back to the original question- why do I write? Because I love it, because I feel that to stay sane and happy, I need to.

Healed Hearts, MMMF Vampire Historical Erotic Romance by Tamsin Baker


Lucas and Thomas believed themselves unusually blessed to have found their third mate within only three hundred years of being a vampire. Unfortunately, once they turned Piers, that empty, lonely feeling is still there, within all of them.

Ten years of strained relations lead them to a ball where an old friend helps them track down a woman they have all dreamt of.

Maryanne has been thrown out of London in punishment for allowing her fiancée into her bed. She is travelling to meet her new horrid husband-to-be, when she is accosted by three male vampires, all claiming to want to love her.

What is a shamed lady meant to do? Her duty? To marry the horrible old lord, or risk loving three men who are the answer to her prayers?


Tamsin Baker Bio:

Tamsin Baker is an Aussie girl who only found erotic romance about ten months ago. Before that she read sexy romance, skipping the plot looking for the ‘good bits.’ Since then she have written and obtained 14 contracts of varying lengths with erotic romance and erotica. She absolutely LOVES reading and writing it! She have two other jobs, kids and a hubby too, but writing is a passion that she has to indulge, for fear of insanity.



M/M is a passion of hers so even in her menage stories, there is always M/M. Female domme is a fun one to write too, but she is open to all genres. One step at a time she is learning to read more and write more. Soon she’ll have stories published in every sub genre of erotic romance – or that is her aim anyway.


“Get out.”

Thomas stepped forward, his hands outstretched to her.

“No, please. We need to explain more.”

Anger was rolling off Maryanne now in waves. Lucas felt sick.

“No, I don’t want to hear anymore about lifelong mates. There are three of you for God’s sake!”

Piers now flew to her side. Their third, their smallest and least intimidating mate, grabbed for her hand.

“We need you, Lady Maryanne. You don’t understand how much we need you.”

She gasped and pulled her hand out of his grasp. Piers moaned liked a wounded animal, so Lucas grabbed him and pulled Piers into his embrace.

Maryanne was panting slightly, her chest heaving as she struggled to contain the emotions they had obviously evoked in her. She moved back towards her bed.

“I understand that the only thing I am now good for is to be married off to some stranger. My horrible parents certainly do not want me. I have been humiliated enough by society, gentlemen. I don’t need anyone to remind me of my current tainted state!”

Lucas froze, his arms still wrapped around Piers. What was she saying?

When they didn’t move as Maryanne had demanded, she screamed.

“Get out!”

Lucas nodded at Thomas, and together they pulled Piers out into the hallway, locked her door and retreated to their room.

Heart thumping, grief assailing him, Lucas slid down onto the floor next to the slumped Piers.

“She ... I ...”

Piers shook again, and Lucas pulled his young mate into his arms. How could it have gone so badly?

“We will convince her. We will. We have time, Piers. I love you.”

Piers buried his head into Lucas’s neck and reached out a hand to Thomas. Thomas came readily, and together they spent the rest of the night on the floor, locked in each other’s arms.


Just before sunrise Lucas woke Maryanne yet again, and she rolled her eyes at him.

“We must hide for the daylight hours, but we will visit you tonight.”

Maryanne closed her eyes but not before Lucas saw the tears shimmering there. What had happened to her to make her react this way? They would find out, and they would fix it!

He knelt down next to the bed and put his lips close to her ear. His fangs elongated with hunger as he inhaled her scent, but he focused his mind on wooing her.

“You feel it, too, don’t you? The connection and the need when we are close by. I am the oldest, so I will be strong for you. Thomas is our peacemaker, and he will make sure you are always happy. Piers is our youngest and most passionate. You will never want for love when he is around.”

Maryanne brought her blankets over her head and whispered through them to him.

“Please, just leave me alone.”

Lucas smiled sadly, and they left her, despite his desire to stay and comfort her. He knew she felt as they did; she just had to realize it herself.

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