Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sexy Snippets

Earlier this week, I announced the title and blurb of my next book, AROUSED, set to release sometime in September, so what can be better then giving you a little taste of this sensual story.

When he looked at her, it was as though he saw her naked. He undressed her with his eyes, but she wanted him to undress her with his hands, his teeth, his command. Diverting her gaze away before he could see the arousal in her eyes, she quickly put down the check on the table and tried to rush away when he wrapped his fingers around her wrist.

Nadia snuck a quick peek to his face and he flashed her a smile. "When do you get off?"

"I don't think it's any of your business."

He pulled her hand until she was leaning over the table and her hand was maneuvered to his crotch.

Oh my. . . .

The bulge beneath her palm was huge, filling her mind with lustful thoughts and desires.

"I think it's very much my business," he growled through gritted teeth.
Please note this little snippet is unedited. I can't wait until the editor makes this story shinny. :-) Hope you enjoyed the little taste of AROUSED and will purchase a copy once it comes out.


  1. Oh it's his business, alright! ;) Loved the snippet

  2. You had me at the growled. *swoons* This sounds fab. Angelina :-)

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