Friday, July 15, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To Work I Go

The one thing I miss about being unemployed is the freedom to write whenever I wanted. In those days, I sat by the computer all day and whipped out stories, characters, and plots. Now, that I've been working, those stories lay abandoned, begging to be told.

This week, it appeared as I would actually have time to write. Last week, I managed to write a good 5000 words (not much but with a limited time frame it's pretty good).

Monday after work, I plotted the rest of one of my many started and abandoned WIPs. I planned to have that one subbed by today.

Tuesday after work, I got a 600 page Insurance Concepts manual in the mail. You see, in order for me to keep my job, I have to get licenced in the state of Illinois to sell insurance. I have licencing classes to attend this whole weekend (from 8 AM to 5 PM, plus two hours of driving there and back). They expect me to read the entire 600 page book in four days, and to retain all the information inside it. It's like the most boring thing I've ever had to read. How can I retain that information when I keep mentally falling asleep through it?

After the licencing classes, I will still have a week or two (max two weeks) to study the material and take the state test. I'm very nervous about it as the material is very hard and I've heard from a lot of people who claimed to have taken the test and failed. The test costs close to $200 so I really don't want to fail and loose that money.

A part of me really doesn't want to do insurance work. I know there's job security there because everyone needs insurance, it's the law. But the work itself is boring, very detailed, and very frustrating. All I want to do is sit at home and write.

Maybe one day my writing will make me a fortune and I will be able to say goodbye to the day job. Until then, I could only dream.


  1. I do enjoy my days off to write! I just wish that I could be more focused on them. I had yesterday off and only managed to get 1000 words out. That's not very good. I'm not hitting my groove. I have to get through this current WIP because I have Betas that want it by the first week in August. Good luck with the insurance gig. It's hard when your heart isn't in it, but that paycheck! Sometimes my heart can really be won over when I get that first check. ;-)

  2. Everyone thinks like this. LOL.

    But I will tell you a secret. I wrote MORE when I was working for the man, than I do now that I'm retired.

    There's too much to do at home and I feel guilty not making the other chores a priority over writing.

  3. Oh, wow, ouch. I'm sorry they are making you jump through all those hoops. I wish I could help you study, but from afar I'm not sure what I can do. If you think of anyway I can help, e-mail me or fb message me and let me know. You are smart though, so I'm sure you'll do fine on the test.

  4. 5000 words in one week is pretty good! Hope you did well on your test (I'm sure you did) :-)

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