Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My New Book Cover

Here it is, finally, the cover for Intimate Healing. IH was my first baby. It was the first book I wrote with the intent to publish. It was the first I ever submitted. And, Sapphire Blue was the first publisher to reply with a contract offer. This book has been a lot of hard (and I do mean hard) work. From writing to editing to (oh no, *gulp*) promoting (which I'm scared to do). I enjoyed writing this book, even if it didn't turn out anything like I planned.

Well, I hope you guys like the cover. I know I do.

Blurb for Intimate Healing:

One by one, household dogs disappear only to come back after senseless abuse. Veterinarian Jordan Powell will stop at nothing to make sure her patients safety. Even if that means seeking help from ex-boyfriend, Police Officer Nate Thrillson, the man whose heart she once broke.

The last thing Nate wants is a relationship. He has inoperable brain cancer and his days are numbered. Yet, he couldn’t resist Jordan.

It’s a race against time to save the dogs and the man who captured her heart. Can the doctor, who made a life out of helping animals, heal a human?


  1. How can you not love a cover with a great BIG dog on it?

  2. Thanks Maria. I'm loving the dog in this cover.

  3. Great, the blurb made me almost cry! Now I have to read it because my mind can't see an HEA and I KNOW you wouldn't let it end without one...Right? RIGHT?!

  4. LOVE the cover!!! And I'm with D.F. - I think I'm PMSing because I teared up at the blurb as well. Can't wait to read it!

  5. Hi,

    Love the cover, and the blurb comes across as a tear-jerker novel! Lovely...


  6. Thanks ladies. I'm surprised the blurb made some of you tear up. That's an honor. The book was originally supposed to be a little bit of a tear-jerker but that got changed in the editing process.

  7. I adore that cover!! There's so much going on and yet it's subtle and intriguing. I look forward to reading this book!

  8. Okay .. my heart's already broken. Abused dogs?? I don't know if I can stand it.

    Whose Burmese Mountain Dog is that? The hero's or heroine's? *G*

  9. Hi Marianne, sorry the blurb had that affect on you. The book isn't overly detailed about that kind of stuff. I wouldn't be able to write it without crying my eyes out.

    The dog belongs to no one. I asked for a dog on the cover and this is what I got. I loved it too much to have them change it. In the book, the heroine has a border collie and a pit/rott mix.