Monday, October 31, 2011

Yo-Yo With My Heart and Yours Will Break

Take a look at this picture. It looks like the creature is yo-yoing with the heart and playing with it like it's a breakable toy.

By now, I'm sure you all know that my husband and I were on the path to ending it before he ended up in the hospital. At first, I only visited him because I felt bad. Then, as I saw how much pain he was in (and after I finished gloating about how Karma got to him) I started to care again. I cared only in a friendly way, promising myself that I will never let him win my heart again. After all, he did yo-yo with it.

About a month ago, my husband called me and told me he had an epiphany. I listened to him as he told me his little realization, and after that I wanted to hit him upside the head and yell "I told you so".

You see, when we first got married, we had a great relationship but very quickly it turned into a competition between me and his daughter. From day one, she made it obvious that she didn't like me, and she told him many times that if he truly loved her, he would give me up. He always thought that his kid had his best interest at heart.

Now that he's in the hospital, guess how many times his wonderful child has called him to see how he's doing?


So that was his big epiphany. He sacrificed his happiness and let his child call the shots in his life because he thought his child cared about him, and now he learned that she only loves her daddy when he buys her things. That was something I knew a while ago, but he never wanted to listen to me. (then again, maybe that's part of the reason why our marriage became rocky too. I do have a tendency to be cruel with words.)

He yo-yoed with my heart, and now his own was yo-yoed with. How about you! Do you have any stories to share about yo-yoing hearts?


  1. Interesting illustration. I don't think anyone's ever played with my heart, but I've had a couple of family members try to manipulate me. That never ends well for them. :)

    The bottom line is that you can't ever completely know the other person's mind. Six months from now he may long for his child's affection again and forget that she dismissed him summarily.

    Or he may have learned his lesson and never put anyone before you again.

    I hope it's the latter.

  2. Maria, I thought of that too, that's why I told him he isn't going to be forgiven because actions speak louder then words and I will only forgive him when he PROVES that he's changed. He knows that is easier said then done because I'm not one to forgive easily.

  3. Interesting... I'm glad he finally saw reality. Or so it seems.

  4. Yo-yoing hurts. It's tough. It's a very interesting bit of art, and apropos.

  5. *Hugs*

    So sorry to hear that you're going through such a tough time.

  6. Oh yes been there and done that. Not a pretty picture, but there is never a winner in such a situation. Everyone hurts. But with a wicked step daughter she will be the one to suffer for a long time. I have one of those. I dont' see her now, and my husband does occasionally. I don't mind as long as I don't have to set eyes on the wicked thing again. Love to put my name but it is a little out there for an author. :)