Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Best of 2010 BlogFest

I have a problem. I am what you would call a starter. I come up with an idea and run with it. While immersed in that project, I come up with another idea and run with that. Then something else comes up and both projects are left abandoned. Just like that, many half started projects lay around, waiting on me to finish them. When 2010 rolled around, I made a resolution to finish what I start, and to not start what I can’t finish.

In late 2009 I had started writing a novel, and it was the first project I started writing since high school. Although I’ve wanted to be an author for a long time, I had not attempted to write anything for fear of failure. It took me eight months to write my first novel, and there were plenty of times when I wanted to give up. My job was getting in the way and the free time that I did have, I spent with my family. I could have easily given up, but I wanted to prove to myself that I could not just be a starter, but also be a finisher. So I pushed myself until I typed those final words; “The End.”

I was so proud of myself for actually finishing something, that I started finishing all projects, although none were as fun as writing that book.

After I was done with writing, I decided to go a step farther and edit too, before submitting it for publishing. Only, a tragedy happened. My computer broke down and the book was lost. I had one computer expert look at my hard drive and tell me there was no way to open that file in which my book was saved. I was devastated, all that hard work down the drain. Sure, it wasn’t going to get published, but I still wanted to keep it. Determined to try again, I went to a different expert, who tried for hours and hours, but he finally managed to save my book on a CD.

I had my baby back and I was ready to hit send. There was no way I was actually going to publish that. I mean, who would ever read a romance novel about two people who are trying to save the lives of abused dogs? Well, I guess I was wrong since a few publishers liked the idea and looks like its getting published sometime soon as the book is currently under contract.

The lesson I learned in 2010 is that it might be hard work, but it’s so worth it to finish what you start.

That is my goal for 2011, to continue finishing what I start, be it writing a book or teaching my dog a new trick. It might be hard work, but it’s so rewarding when you realize you did it.


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  2. Yay, Angela! That's going to the finish line.

  3. Congratulations! What a great goal! And thanks for hosting the blogfest :-)

  4. Congratulations! I'll look forward to reading your book (I'm a sucker for anything with dogs in it...).
    Thanks for hosting the New Year party!

  5. Stories like THIS are why I have a squeamish relationship with my computer -- it knows it's the boss. I suppose I should pretend that I'm the boss -- like when you're riding a mean horse -- but it knows. It's reading this message right now. Gotta go back up my hard drive now.

    Thanks for a great blog tour, and for a great story. Way to be a trooper! And good luck with your career in 2011!