Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Creations Blogfest

I stumbled across this blogfest today and it intrigued me. It’s so easy, just take the last sentence from your favorite manuscript that you wrote in 2010. And then take a first sentence of a 2011 project. Here it is:


Last Sentence: 2010 Project:

Her heart fluttered with happiness.

(from “Intimate Healing”, coming in 2011 from Sapphire Blue Publishing)


First Sentence: 2011 Project:

The instant she opened her eyes, terror raced through her.

(from “Midnight Lover”, a romantic suspense I started in late 2010 and intend to sell in 2011.)


So here you go. What are your first’s and last’s? Join the blogfest. Here are the rules and the other participants: New Creations BlogFest Info


  1. I love the different emotions in the two lines--one is light; the other, dark and suspenseful. Very intriguing!

  2. Your new sentence sounds like it has so much to offer. Your ending sentence sounds like a happy ending. Thank you fairy much for participating!

  3. Hi, Angelina... nice to meet you. The second one certainly draws me in.

    Happy writing! :)

  4. Wow, such different moods! A lovely happy ending and a startling beginning...great.

  5. Hi,

    Lovely sentences both: in separate context.

    As one paragraph it lends a whole new perspective and a great opening for a new story! ;)


  6. Very catchy new sentence. Well done. :) I tried to enter the blogfeast but didn't know what to do. lol. :)

  7. Way to set me up with 2 different emotions back to back! LOL! Great stuff!

    Thanks for joining my blogfest!! Can't wait to see your entry!

  8. wow Ms. Lia I loved both sentences. Can't wait for your book to come out

  9. Both great sentences; I'm eagerly awaiting Intimate Healing!

  10. Two amazing sentences there. One calm and soothing, the other getting me all excited.

  11. Hello

    I came over from Summer's blogfest!

    Your last sentence - awww it's so sweet!
    Your first sentence - I like the immediacy of the emotions!!

    thank you
    Take care

  12. Hi Angelina
    Your writing contains very different emotions soft restful warmth to end and a more suspenseful tone to the opening. They certainly don't belong in the same novel. :)

  13. Nice choice of verb on the ending sentence. Good luck on you book.

    The first line is disturbing. Creating emotion on the first sentence is a major hook. Good job.