Monday, March 7, 2011

Give Me a Break

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All of last week, I took a break from writing, editing, and reading. I figured I’ll have edits coming in within a few weeks for two projects and I still have one story to edit and submit this week so it’s okay to take a break. I feel so revived and am looking forward to writing again.

Today, I plan to start writing a new book. This time, it will be a contemporary romance and it’s actually a story I wrote when I was in my teen years, that now I’ll rewrite the entire thing but keep the main plot the same. Although most of the things I’ve written in my teens have long been forgotten, a few particular stories stayed with me, so I guess I’ll give them all a chance. At the moment, I’m titling it Forgive but it is subject to change.

Also this week, I need to edit my paranormal romance with erotic elements that I finished writing two weeks ago. After taking a week off from that story, I should be able to edit it without filling my head with sequel ideas. I also came up with a title for that story, Haunting Issella. I plan to have it submitted by Friday, so wish me luck!

So I feel fresh from my little writing break and now I can’t wait to jump into that pool of words. Do you ever take a break? And what are you all doing this week?


  1. Breaks are good. I took a small one this weekend and did nothing but read and watch movies. Look forward to hearing more about FORGIVE (luv the title!).

  2. Usually, my breaks are forced by an uncooperative muse, so instead of being relaxed, I find it stressful.

    Like... Now.

    Good luck with all your writing and editing!


  3. Awesome...thanks! And good luck with the writing/editing.

  4. Good luck on the new (old) story, Angelina! I like your new blog banner.

  5. I'm so happy for you that your break helped your productivity. I'm still stuck in a rut. Hopefully I'll catapult out of it sooner or later. Good luck on your submission you have planned. Good luck on your new story. Love the new banner!

    As for plans this week. Beg, barter, and threaten my inner voice until I can productively write again. That and play the PS3 like a crazed woman! Oh, and cross-stitching...

  6. Glad to hear you're raring to go after what sounds like a much needed break. Very cool that your idea from the teen years is still with you and now you get to apply all you've learned about writing since then to the story, very cool.

  7. So glad your break did you good. It's always beneficial to refill the creative well.

    Good luck with the editing!

  8. All the best with the new submission!

  9. Sometimes you need a break, true.
    I don't know if I can ever bring myself up to rewrite my teen stories. So much emotion went into these, I can't change that and it might distract me.
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  10. Yes, I've taken a bit of a breather after going at it like a race car for some time. It is refreshing.

  11. Breaks give us fresh perspective. I edit better when I give myself breaks too.

    Hope you reach your Friday goal!

  12. It's so hard for me to allow myself a break, but it's very necessary! I'm so glad you took an entire week off. You deserved it. You've been hitting it pretty hard, Angelina!! Look at everything you've accomplished in such a short time - and the new edits coming in... Great time to take a break!!