Monday, April 25, 2011

Master of Mine News

Hello guys. How was everyone’s weekend? Had a good Easter? I, for one, had a great Easter. Hubby and I went to my mother’s for breakfast and my mother-in-law’s for dinner.

I have some news for you about Master of Mine. Evernight’s BDSM anthology will be coming out May 4th. So start saving money for it! This little collection has nine stories of kinky sex and dangerous passion, irresistible men and interesting women.

Pleasure is just a smack and gasp away, as men and women push their boundaries for sexual satisfaction in ways many can only dream of fulfilling.

A collection of BDSM short stories, Master of Mine will take you on an erotic escape with characters you won’t soon forget. From forced seduction to the tried and true, let the authors of this anthology take you on a ride screaming with pain and pleasure.

My short story, Taken for Pleasure, is a part of this wonderful anthology. I hope you buy a copy!

Want to win a free copy? I'm hosting a giveaway to celebrate my 100+ followers. To win a copy of Master of Mine, comment on any post from now until May 18th. The person to comment the most will win a copy of the book or a free full or partial manuscript crit. How cool is that price?! The winner will be informed and announced on May 19th.


  1. LOVE the blog makeover! Very pretty! And congrats on the new release. I hope you sell a gazillion copies. :-)

  2. Thank you, Liz. It was time for a change. I figured if I'm publishing erotica, my blog should be sexy, right?

  3. The blog looks beautiful, Angelina! Very sensual. Only 8 days 'til your second release, yay!

  4. Oooh, kinky blog make over! It works well considering the theme of the upcoming release. I am glad you had a great Easter. Ours was done today due to hubby having to work the weekend. It went well :) Here's to a week that reflects the holiday!

  5. Jennifer, thanks. I'm very happy to have my second story come out!

    D. F. Krieger, Yes, I was going for a theme and I was inspired by the Master of Mine book cover. I'm sorry you celebrated Easter late, but I'm glad you had a good one.