Friday, September 9, 2011

Hunky - Linky - Fuzzy

My newest wallpaper.

Isn't he drool worthy? I mean, come on! Sex on a beach hot!



This week, I participated in the Platform Building Campaign challenge. To read my short story, click HERE.

To vote for it, click HERE. I'm number 132 and to vote just click "Like". Kinda like facebook.

PS: I've been trying to read as many campaigner stories as I could, but blogger didn't let me comment on most of them. Many people who couldn't comment on mine found me on twitter (link somewhere in the side bar). I tried doing the same but most of you don't link to your twitter accounts. :-(    I have no way to comment. 

In other linky news, I was guest blogging at Maria Zannini's this week. You can read that post HERE.



I love it when I visit other blogs and they share pictures of their fuzzy friends. That is a sure way to make me follow their blog. However, I rarely share pictures of mine. I shared pics on Facebook a few times, and now on other people's blogs, but never my own. So, I'm returning the favor to all the people who made my day by sharing fuzzy pictures.

Have a good weekend guys!


  1. Joey looks like he can turn on a dime. That bone is nearly as big as he is. :)

  2. Maria, it was the biggest rawhide they had in Petsmart. I spoiled him as that was his Christmas gift. At first, he could berely pick it up. He tried running down the hall with it and it kept falling out of his mouth as he would keep hitting the wall with it. It was too funny. Then he figured it out and tilted his head sideways so the bone was upright and ran down the hall.

  3. I recognized your handsome fuzzy friend from your guest post on Maria's blog, but I've got to admit, it's your sandy friend that caught my interest today. Yum.

  4. I absolutely LOVE this fuzzy pic. Joey is just too beautiful. Thanks for sharing his pic with us ;) It put a smile on my face.

  5. I always thought sex on the beach was overrated--sand is a nasty exfoliant for the naughty bits. But for that dude, I could reconsider.

  6. Love the Joey pic. :)

  7. Fuzzy pictures *and* beach shots. Ooh!
    I've got lots of cat photos on my other blog :-) (the knitting one)